Favorite Dolphin Moments 03-09 (VOTE NOW!!!)


Following in the footsteps of k2oconnor, i tried to assemble the best of the last 7 years with recaps of the greatest Dolphin achievements. It was really cool trying to decide the favorite memories by year, and even cooler remembering the video highlights of some truly sensational games. Without further ado, I present the greatest Dolphin Memories....




Week 13:

MIA 40, DAL 21- Dolphins firing on all cylinders on turkey day.

I went with this game because this was one of the few games I remember where our offense was so dominant. Going into Dallas against a VERY good Cowboys team, Jay Fiedler threw for 239 and 3 TD's- all to Chris Chambers. Ricky followed with 104 yards on the ground and the defense answered with 3 picks against Quincy Carter. The Dolphins have always fared well against the boys in blue, but to me this was the highlight of the 03' season. The fins put on a show for us, putting up 40 points on the road as we all jumped around with bellies full of drumsticks and cranberry sauce. After the onslaught, both teams left 8-4. Unfortunately, the fins finished 10-6, barely missing the playoffs, yet again. Box Score and stats below



Week 15:

MIA 29, NE 28- Monday Night Comeback

Already out of playoff contention, Miami tried to play for pride as the 12-1 New England Patriots marched into Dolphin Stadium. It all appeared over as Brady had his way, connecting for 3 TD's as the Patriots were up 28-17 with less than 4 minutes to play. Most Dolphins fans, including me (*smacks shit out of head), all walked out of the stadium, unable to stomach another loss. However A.J. Feeley decided to finally show promise (and perhaps why we gave up a 2nd round pick for this guy), driving down the field and minimizing the damage to 28-23 after Sammy Morris's 2nd TD run. Brady threw a crucial pick down the stretch and on 4th and 10 with about a minute left, Feeley connected with Darrius Thompson for a 21 yard score. Brady was unable to muster up any of his trademark magic, throwing his 4th INT, and the Dolphins walk away on Monday Night with one of the biggest upsets in team history. Editor's Note: Still pissed about that 2nd round pick.




Week 13:

MIA 24, BUF 23- Twenty-one unanswered 4th-quarter points fuels comeback

Looking for the first back-to-back wins all season, the dolphins start the game very sloppy. Turnovers combined with three Lee Evans TD's put Buffalo up 21-0. After a Mare FG, the game appeared over when London Fletcher knocked Gus Ferrotte out of the game with a safety. However, the game all changed when Sam Madison made a goalline INT, preventing another Buffalo TD that surely would have made the margin impossible to overcome. Sage Rosenfels replaced Gus to pass for 272 yards and 2 TD's.  Ricky's 5 yard scamper and Ronnie Brown's 23-yard highlight pass put us down  only a score. After Chris Chambers caught a 57 yard pass, he connected on a 4th and 4 fade route with 6 seconds left to take the lead. Chambers finished with 15 receptions for 238 yards setting a franchise record. While we celebrated our unlikely victory, I'm sure Buffalo remembered this loss for a while.




Week 14:

MIA 21, NE 0- Brady gets barraged, Dolphins pitch shutout at home

This was a tough one. Handing Chicago it's first loss at Soldier Field was right up there. I'm sure JT, would vote for that game after his lights-out performance. However, I felt this was the unanimous choice; not very often do Brady and the New England Patriots get shut out. The Pats were totally unmatched, and our defense gets the game ball here. Brady was sacked 4 times, fumbled twice and was held to just 78 yards. A trick play finally put the Pats on the board, but a penalty for an illegal forward pass kept them from capitalizing. Yaremiah Bell was truly sensational, recording 7 tackles, a sack and a forced fumble. The Dolphins could have roughed up Belicheck, by adding another score after a 44 yard skirmish from Sammy Morris, but they decided to kneel it out and secure a 21-0 victory at home.




Week 15:

MIA 22, BAL 16- Camarillo's 64 yard TD

This one was no contest. In fact, if this play didn't happen, Dolphin fans would probably try to erase the entire 2007 year in it's entirety. The Dolphins played a weak Ravens team, yet still appeared outmatched. Once they were unable to capitalize in regulation, we all had that gut feeling that Week 15 would end in another heartbreaking loss. However, on a 3rd down and eight, with a 4 wideout set, magic happened. Make sure to watch the video for instant goosebumps. One thing is for sure, we've never appreciated a win as much as that one.




Week 17

MIA 24, NYJ 17- Dolphins finish improbable 11-5 season in the Meadowlands

2008: So many good games. This one could easily be the Wildcat whooping in New England. But the victory in New York was nothing short of ultimate bliss. This one we all remember. New York went out to an early lead and the game continued to be a punch/counterpunch, a back and forth battle that kept our hearts popping out of our chests. Ted Ginn and Anthony Fasano combine for a pair of the prettiest catches you will ever see. Phillip Merling takes 1 of 3 Farve miscues straight to the endzone. The defense played very well and Pennington's solid 200 yard 2 TD (NO INT) performance was good enough for a 24-17 victory. Check out the postgame yet again below, you know you want to....



May 13th Offseason- Savior returns again

Even though the 2009 season has yet to start, the 2009 season is causing alot of excitement. After a draft that left most fans more than satisfied the Dolphins followed up with a couple of very big free Agents. However, none caused quite the stir, as when Miami's own Jason Taylor returned to the team, signing a 1-year, $1.5 million dollar deal. Taylor took a cut to play for the team, a class act move that stirs excitement in Miami and fear in the hearts of the rest of the AFC East.


So that's it for now. I worked pretty hard on this, deciding just 1 game is harder than it looks, but fell free to debate or comment otherwise. I suggest all of you take a look at to take a trip down memory lane and watch all the highlights you thought you'd never forget. Take Care, and Long Live the Dolphins.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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