Wildcat vs Wildpat


                 Quick question: What is the Wildcat? Do you know the answer, how would you describe it in a couple of words.

If you said when Ronnie lines up at QB, you would be wrong, are you surprised? Now I know  what your saying, [wait a minute Finster, I watched all last year and it was the Wildcat when Ronnie lined up at QB], again wrong, now I know  what your saying, [you just like saying that Finster, I watched and I know what I saw].

Ronnie was lined up at QB every time we ran the Wildcat, but sometimes it wasn't the Wildcat, does that surprise you?

In spite of what Eisen said, that was not the Wildcat, it had Wildcat personnel, but it was not the Wildcat formation. Confused? I know what your saying, [you sure are Finster], but bear with me and read on.

Dispelling a myth; The Wildcat is not a spread formation, are you surprised, or do you just think I'm crazy.   Laugh_medium

Actually the Wildcat is the opposite of a spread formation, it is an unbalanced stacked formation, did you know that when the ball is snapped, the entire offense is on one side of the field most of the time? And most of the time no WR, 5 linemen, 2 TEs, 3 RBs and 1 QB, Chad.


This is a formation in the wildcat package, now C Pennington may be lined up on the other side, or 1 or 2 RBs lined up next to Ronnie, instead of the slots, but thats not important right now, the H-back is usually D Martin, but look at the line, do you see it? Look at the configuration, TE at LT and LT as the strong side TE, and the H-back lined up behind and in between them, that my friends is the Wildcat. Unbalanced and stacked.

Anatomy of a Play: "Wildcat" formation CLICK ON THIS LINK IT IS ESSENTIAL TO THIS POST from, now go back and watch that video again, do you see it? J Long and A Fasano are back in their spots and no H-back, hence it is not the Wildcat, just an odd personnel, shotgun formation. Now back to our feature Postentation.

The Wildcat is a running formation, that is what it is designed for, the QB(Ronnie) can attack the line of scrimmage at any point, and when they pass its a surprise, and thats why it works.

Dispelling a myth; There has been a lot of speculation on P White lining up behind center in the Wildcat, and how that will force the safety to back off the line, that is not true, now I know what your saying, but I can't repeat it, this is a family site for crying out loud.

Here's a few 20 second videos, Watch

Did you notice how all the players are crammed on one side of the field? And did you notice at the snap, we have 9 or 10 players in the box? With all our players lined up in the box, I don't care if Dan Marino is in there, the defense will move the safety up, whenever you run a stacked formation the safety is going to move up, whoeverhis responsibility is , is right in front of him behind the line of scrimmage, along with everyone else.

What about  the WildPat? IMO they will try to put something together for P White, a spread formation package, which has already been reported by various sources, when P White lined up in an empty backfield formation for several snaps.(erroneously reported as the wildcat by D Hyde in this article White's Wildcat coming to pass)

On Thursday, out of pads, in an otherwise uneventful practice, quarterback Pat White lined up as the lone back in the Wildcat formation - the WildPat, if you will. A couple of weeks ago, in a previous practice open to the media, White lined up as receiver for one play.

Now there are all sorts of spread formations, but the Wildcat is not one of them, I can see P White at WR in the Wildcat instead of C Pennington, but not at QB.

So here is the question, 










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