How I Came To Admire the Dolphins

This is a story about I came to respect and admire the Dolphins


There was a time that I'll admit which was several years ago in which I heard of the Dolphins but I never did truly follow them. Of course, this was back around like 2001/02, when they were struggling and they had Dave who? Haha, no I knew it was Dave Wannesdt:)

But a couple of years later, say 2006, Miami had a rough start to the season under Nick Saban(ugh). But after their bye week, they were going to battle the Chicago bears who were undefeated. So everyone was like oh man this is gonna be another disaster. Then on that Sunday, I flipped on the tube and behold final score MIA 38, CHI 13. That's right. I thought could it be a sign?

Then they went on I believe a 4 game win streak. They beat the Chiefs, Vikings, spanked the Lions. BUt then came the Jags.

And then what really caught me was when they beat the PATSIES senseless. I was cracking up and then I realized they still had a chance.

BUt then, I see the next week THEY are the ones getting shut out by the BUFFALO BILLS. But I kept the faith and thought maybe they could still finish strong.

Well it didnt happen and they finished 6-10.

But from then on, I was intrigued every year to see what would happen next.

OF course, 2007 was BAD (CAM CRAPERON)as we all know but that really went and showed what it finally took to get this team righted.

Then came Parcells,Ireland,Sparano from Dallas. When they spoke of building a physical, stronger, faster team truly then I and am sure the rest of u realized this was the real deal. Sure enough, Parcells came with his wrecking ball and smashed away the rotting sides of the team. He did leave important pieces though.

Also, they built through the draft by acquiring picks not throwing them away.

And they got the right veterans in

So they make the playoffs and go 11-5

truly a remarkable feat

and now looking ahead to 2009 and beyond

the future is truly bright.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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