On the Bubble!!

Well I know they haven’t even put on the pads yet, but what the heck, we are here to speculate aren’t we? So going through the current roster, here is my list of players making the team, players on the bubble (step it up !!) and my Practice Squad. This is of course us not having any players making the PUP list (Camarillo / Thomas). Are there any players you feel that are going to step it up and make the team? Let me know where I have gone wrong. If we can’t find a replacement on the team to replace LS Denney then I think we lose N. Jones)



Probably making the team (53 Players)


QB – C. Pennington, C. Henne, P White

RB / FBs – R. Brown, R. Williams, Cobbs, Polite

WR  - T. Ginn, G. Camarillo, D. Bess, P. Turner, Hartline, B. London

TE – A. Fasano, J. Haynos, J. Nalbone

Centers – J. Grove, J. Berger

Guards -   Smiley, Thomas, Alleman, I. Ndukwe

Tackles – V. Carey, J. Long, Nate Garner, Brandon Frye


CB – W. Allen, V. Davis, S. Smith, E. Green, Nathan Jones, Jason Allen

Safeties – Y. Bell, G. Wilson, C. Clemons, T. Culver

LB – J. Porter,  M. Roth, C. Crowder, C. Wake, E. Walden, C. Anderson, A. Ayodele

DT – J. Ferguson, T. McDaniel, L. Ellis

DE –  P. Merling, K Langford, R. Sparks, J. Taylor, L. Dotson

Specialists –

Punter –  B. Fields

Kicker – D. Carpenter


On the Bubble ( Will they step it up and make the team?)

WR - Todd Lowber,  E. Wilford, A. Armstrong, C Williams

RB / FB– Lex Hilliard, Chris Brown

TE – David Martin,

Guards –  Shawn Murphy, JD Quinn, M. Lewis

Tackles – A. Gardner, S Rogers

CB – Joey Thomas, S. Babers, W. Billingsley,

S -  E. Kilmer, B Courtney

LB – T. George, Reggie Torbor, W. Kershaw

DE –  R Baker, M. Quentin, R. Wright

NT - J. Cohen, P. Soliai

LS – J. Denney

Punter – J. Bond


Practice Squad – JD Folsom (LB), B. Marion(WR), A Kimble(RB), O. Martin (DE), J. Bronson(TE)


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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