Win Predictions My Take

Well everyone is doing it and nice post by davie using that intresting formula btw.  I will take each game and give my opinion on what I think-

Mia @ ATL-  W.  This is simple to me.  Matt Ryan had a great year but our pass rush will be improved as will our secondary.  I believe we have this one.

Ind @ MIA- L- Now I was going to say W because of Peyton losing his coach and off cord but I still believe he will eat our D apart.  I think we will stay close with them though and will be a nail biter.

MIA @ SD- W- Beat them last year and I believe we will again this year.  LT is getting older and Rivers will have to deal with our D.  Plus the offense will tear their D away as the game progress.

Buf @ Mia-  L-  Yes I said it.  Owens and Evans will be to much at this point of the season.  I strongly believe it will be close but Owens will pull out a game saving TD.

NYJ @ Mia- W- Not much to say but a cocky coach who thinks he can win the SB this year and a Rookie QB Taylor and Ported will use as a punching bag.

NO @ Mia-  W-  Great offense but don't matter when we can score with Ronnie all night.  Easy Win. 

Mia @ NYJ- W Refer to earlier win haha.

MIA @ NE- W-  I have a prediction this year.  It is a long shot but I will say it.  I believe Brady will not be the same old Brady.  Coming off an injury like that takes more than a year.  I also believe Sparano will be ready after two times of playing NE last year.  Moss is getting older also.

TB @ Mia- W- No qb and will be a steady fought game.  Easy W for me to pick.

Mia @ Car- L - The panthers will jump back this season.  I think they fight it out and win by a FG in the end.

Mia @ Buf-  W- Buffalo gets weak this time of the year and we are stronger as the season goes on.  Easy win in the Dome.

NE @ Mia- L- I believe Brady will be in groove by now.  Scorefest like last year with NE sealing the deal in the 4th quarter.

MIA @ Jac- W- Easy pick.  I still think Jac is overrated.

MIA @ Ten - W-  I am saying win because everyone thinks we will lose which is understandable.  But I think Miami has a great shot at winning this game, even in TN.

Hou @ Mia-  W-  We have to beat them sometime.  That game last year still leaves a nasty taste in my mouth.

Pit @ MIA- L -  Even though we are home their defense will be strong.  I think this seals the deal on our season and this game will decide us going to the playoffs.  If it does it will be a much better fought game.  Or if we are already out of the playoffs Henne can test his skills againt one of the best D's in the game.


Optimistic but hey I am a fan. Even though we have a harder schedule I believe that we can play with the best and may not win this year but we are getting ever so close.  Thats it.  Everyone leave your predicted records.  Taylor owns Brady again.  HAHA.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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