5 Off Season Foes The Dolphins Don't have To Deal With

These last couple of weeks I've noticed a trend that most of the teams in the NFL share: Off Season foes. If it is not one thing then its the other, but for sure means a big disrupter for the team's ability to go forward and start a new NFL season. This are the top 5 Off Season Foes the Miami Dolphins don't have to deal with as we...... type (that was cute don't lie):


Players holding out of OTAs is  a very common occurrence in the NFL. Most of the time it happens because a player who is in the middle of his contract decides that it is time to take advantage of his current success and get a new long term deal before he runs out of fuel. 

Around the league:

Currently there are a couple of players/teams in this situation, one of them being the New York Jets. The Jets have got both their stellar RBs on a contract holdout. This is really prejudicial for a team for two reasons: a- because the players are missing valuable time both on the field and off the field, which most of the time results in slow starts when September comes. ( ) b- the whole point of signing a player to a cheap long contract is to give the guy a chance to make the roster while you save cap space. 

Dolphins that might have been: 

Ronnie Brown could very well be acting out this off season demanding a new contract. Even while the Dolphins have some leverage since the CBA might not work out for 2010 and Ronnie would've a restriction or two, Brown could pressure the FO into signing him to a new deal before his contract ends. When you are a RB in your prime carrying such a serious injury as a torn ACL in your resume, you might want to get inked asap while you are of great value to your team and get some guaranteed money before you blow out a knee again.

2- Angry/Asking To Be Traded Players-

This category is really annoying and goes to show the great environment there is in the dolphins building as of now. When this situation arises it is usually because a player is malcontent with his coach or FO and wants to flee as soon as possible. This is also very disruptive for the team's chemistry. 

Around the league-

Anquan Boldin and Chad Ocho Cinco are currently in this situation. Boldin wants a new contract and his relationship with both the Head Coach and the FO is broken. Chad as well has had continuos altercations with the coaching staff and his teammates. Today Carson Palmer said that they are ready to move on without Jackson.

Dolphins that might have been:

Chad Pennington. CP10 had a career year last season and there are a couple of reasons why he could've pushed for a trade:

a) Chad has been told that the QB of the future is Chad Henne, and that there is a real high possibility that Henne will be the starter for the 2010 season. Since this is the last year of the 2 year contract he signed with the dolphins that bring me to point b.

b) If Chad wants to keep playing as a starting QB after the 2009 season, he probably has to look somewhere outside of south florida (I damn the day this words came out of my mouth) and what better time to get a long term contract than coming off an MVP-like season.

3- QB Controversy-

This one is  a tough one too. It is as simple as this: the QB is the most important player in your team, if you have "the" guy at QB then you have a solid foundation to work and build around from, on and off the field. If not, you are screwed.

Around the league-

The Vikings, the Browns, the Broncos and the Niners all have on going QB competitions, or as one might say;  controversies. This situation sets back your offense's development as well as your team's confidence in themselves. Not to say that it means that the most important position on the field is going to be a major setback for your team's possibilities of success. 


Chad Henne knows his place, he is working hard and taking all in from CP10. 

4-Arrested/Suspended players-

This has the capacity not only to disrupt your team's chemistry but also to change the way you Draft and build in the off season. This can go from adjusting your team for a game or two, to having to rebuild your franchise overnight.

Around the league-

The Bills are probably going to loose Lynch for the first couple of games and the Browns have a very high chance of loosing WR Stallworth for all of the 2009 season, forcing them to draft 2 WRs in the second round of the past NFL Draft. Plus Brandon Marshall of the Broncos is looking at a possible suspension too. Last of all, Plaxico Burres, who shot accidentally shot himself in the leg during last season, was released by the Giants which immediately suffered their loss during an abysmal playoff run. They also had to spend a 1st round pick in a quality WR.

Miami- No problems until now.

5- Win Now pressure-

There are a lot of teams around the league that are obliged to have immediate success or else. This really has the capacity to ruin a team both in the short term and in the long term. Teams in this situation usually spend high draft picks on over the top trades (Dallas Roy Williams, Wash Jason Taylor) , play under immense amounts of pressure, normally causing disruption between players, players and coaches and GMs and coaches, and rushing into desperate moves (T.O Bills)

Around the league

The Bengals, the Texans, the Cowboys, the Jets, the Bills, the Packers, the Vikings, the Chargers and the Saints are all teams that can suffer severe criticism and more importantly changes either in the coaching staff or the front office if they don't make the playoffs next year.


The Dolphins are in a beautiful situation. They have the swagger to win now and compete, but from a ownership point of view this is mostly a time to develop young players and keep building a dominant franchise and Super Bowl contender for years to come!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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