Dual Post: 1st a story then the Historical Mock Draft

I saw a post a while back that had attempted to establish an All-Time Dolphins roster. Though I respected the attempt, I was taken back by some of the selections and oversights to the point it became laughable. I later came to grips that some of our younger, hungry, fans are still learning. Thankfully guys like Mosul are keeping our history fresh. To those who want to learn and are procativley improving their Dolphan status... I applaud you.

And then there are the Front-Runners... idiots, like this guy I ran into on Sunday.

I was at a dog park. Upon entering, I saw a big white jersey with #39 for all to see. As I drew nearer, drooling at the prospect of spotting a Conzka jersey, I filled up with pride, knowing I was among MY people. (mind you, this is Jersey, enemy territory) I made a bee line right for this big SOB to compliment him.

me- "Hey man, nice jersey... I'm a huge fan"

idiot- "Thanks! Me too...."

And that was it, a respectful acknowledgement of fanhood. We had instantly laid the groundwork for a mutual friendship. We were part of an arcane fraternity; a secret bond, unraveled and impenetrable. So I thought.... About a half an hour later, I had found myself with my back to this guy as he was speaking to an old silverback, probably in his early 70s... The old timer began to gloat about the good ole' times and the great teams of the 70s. I listened in....He started rattling off the roster, firing off names, Griese, Warfield, Buoniconti.... "Buoniconti was a great LB, he was my favorite..."

Just then, my new big dumb friend started to diareha from his mouth....

"Buoniconti wasn't a linebacker, he was an offensive lineman" and it went back and forth...

The old man said, " NO,  he played with Mike Kolen and Swift. Langer and Little were linemen" 

I turned around to see for myself and there was "Czonka" was just nodding his water-logged head in disagreement, "I 'm pretty sure he was a lineman"

Thankfully, my dog was keeping me occuopied and prevented me from pulling that jersey over his head and choking him out from behind with his own neck-fat...  I was disgusted.... blasphemy!!!!

I'd love to hear some of your Front-Runner stories...!!!



I love lists and rankings... and I do have my All-Time Dolphins ranked accordingly. however with the draft on the horizon and my new found charge to help educate Dolphans everywhere, I now offer my Historical Mock Draft. I just wanted to see what value we would actually place on our Greats if we had to draft them today. 

I know its hard to compare cross generations and I welcome your critiques...This is fun remember?

Note: I tried to stick to homegrown Greats, those drafted or spent majority of their careers with us. Contributors like Joey Porter, Ricky Williams, Bryan Cox, etc etc are all valuable Dolphins, but it's hard to resign their careers to Miami. Same holds true for guys like Thurman Thomas, Irving Fryar, Keith Jackson, etc etc,,

For shits and giggles... here we go:

1) Dan Marino QB

2) Bob Baumhower DT- a surprise, but anytime you can get a mainstay ProBowl DT it's good for your future

3) Jason Taylor DE- Defensive playmaker - hard to find

4) Richmond Webb OT- always a premium on LT, very underrated IMO.

5) Paul Warfiled WR-  always looking for a #1 WR, Imagine if he played with Danny?

6) Larry Czonka RB- not the all-purpose back you'd want at #5, but his productivity speaks for itself.

7) Larry Little OG- High for a guard, but who cares?

8) Manny Fernandez DL- Can play inside or outside, Manny is underappreciated and I believe he could have been even more dominant if he played more on the edge.

9) Mark Clayton WR- like Conzka above, you'd want more intangibles from this pick, but he is deserving based on productivity

10) Nick Evans OT- a rock at tackle for our championship years

11) Dwight Stephenson OC- could even be higher, but pick 11 for a center says enough.

12) Jake Scott S- gets the nod over our CBs because of his playmaking ability

13) Sam Madison CB- Especially in today's game, a premium on CBs, Sam was so well rounded, it's hard not to get your shut down CB asap.

14) Mercury Morris RB- Sure he split time and backed up Kiick, but he's got tons of potential. I want to make him a 20+ carry back and see what happens.

15) Jim Langer OC- Another early pick for a center, and again who cares.

16) Zach Thomas LB- He slipped because of his size, but we all know the story

17) Bob Griese QB- I couldn't let him slip too far, His stats do not merit the mid-first round pick, but his leadership and raw talent does. Injuries aside, Bob could have done well in today's passing offenses.

18) Nick Buoniconti LB- He's smaller than Zach!... and who's individual performance was actually better with the Patriots than Miami. But, he was a SB staple and deserving of our 18th pick.

19) Troy Vincent CB- Premium on shut down corners- I miss Troy.

20) Jake Long OT- Why not? PB as a rookie, I'll take the chance.

21) Tim Bowens DT-  Produced at a high level for many years. Underrated.

22) John Offerdahl LB- Actually graded out higher than Thomas and Buoniconti, needed to play a few more years to get the respect he deserved.

23) Louis Oliver S-  One of my favorites. Too bad he left the NFL too soon... Celebrity Party planner, could you blame him?

24) Bob Kuchenberg OG- is it possible to overachive at a HOF level??

25) Ronnie Brown RB- Hard to pass on his raw ability. A healthier, more productive career to this point could have bumped him into the top ten.

26) Bob Heinz DT- a no-name for the ages.  

27) Dick Anderson S- could have swapped with Oliver at 23

28) Patrick Surtain CB- could swapped with Vincent at 19

29) Bill Stanfill DE- more sack production would have moved him up.

30)  Curtis Johnson CB-  Staple CB, a champion

31) Doug Betters DE- Maybe not a 1st rounder, but overachived enough to earn this spot.

32) Glenn Blackwood S- very underrated, not to be confused with his mediocre brother Lyle...

33) COMPENSATORY: Jim "Crash" Jensen TE, LB, RB, WR, QB, P-

34) COMPENSATORY: Reggie Roby P-

Left on the board: Mark Duper, Jim Kiick, Ed Newman, Roy Foster, Nat Moore, Del Williams, Andra Franklin, AJ Duhe

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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