Rookie Primer: The Phinctionary

This is a guide for newcomers to use on certain Phinsider slang, or lingo that we use here. This is an attempt for those who are joining our community to understand some of the things that we say. I will be constantly updating and adding to this as we continue our journey as the Number 1 Miami Dolphins site in the interweb.



Format: Term - Definition/ Explanation [Creator of term/First to use]

Disclaimer: If I have forgotten something...or you request an addition...either contact me via one of the threads...or my email:




  • Well Said - Derived from the First ever Phinsider Reunion. It is the ultimate way of complimenting a writers word choices. A way to show the utmost respect for a comment/ opinion/ expression. Ex. My name is Matty and I say well said. [Matty I]
  • WOOOHOOO - Derived from Finsx's celebratory gestures. It is the best way to express excitement and joy. Ex. Wooooooohoooooooooo the Fins won!!!
  • CKC - A group of Phinsider Regulars that gather at Midnight (eastern).[Finsxfactor, Little Nicky 21, CbDolphin, Rzayo24, Husker, Mosul, Mauglo, Snipe, MHTD, El Peezy, and Lcff]
  • SLAP! - If someone says a particularly good insult or put down then someone else must reply and say "SLAP!" to distinguish that as a good insult or put down [Little Nicky 21]
  • Goo Cannon - The instrument utilized to recommend fanposts, fanshots, and/or comments. Name originated from a rec'd comment turning green upon reception of three rec's. [Mosul_DolFan]
  • Dc$- Due to his consistent automatic "money" like kicks. This nickname was awarded to Dan Carpenter [Little Nicky 21]
  • QSB- Quick Stalk Break [Finsxfactor]
  • Flying Squirl - Nickname for David Martin. Idea about just surprising every post with a picture of a flying squirrel, then we decided a player needed that as a nickname, so we settled on David Martin, who then made a flying squirrel-esque TD catch vs SF, thus sealing the deal on the nickname [Roccoco Davenport, Mosul_DolFan, and Little Nicky 21]
  • Peeeezzyyyyyyyyyyyyy - replaces Yeah! But with more exhuberance [Rzayo24]


  • Stalknoculars - Ingenious device primed for the art of stalking. Comes with many features and functions, it is a tool of choice for Finsxfactor. [Finsxfactor]
  • El Peezy - Nickname for El Presidente 00 [Finsxfactor
  • Nicky Primetime- Nickname for Little Nicky 21. [Finsxfactor]
  • Rz- Affectionate nickname for Rzayo24 [Matty I]
  • Rcff- Mixup of Left Coast Fin Fan, when he was on the Right Coast for Buisness. [Finsxfactor]
  • Finsx- Nickname for Finsxfactor
  • Epicness- A way to denote something of epic proportion [CbDolphin]
  • Xman- Nickname for Finsxfactor [Rzayo24 and Woomar]
  • CB - Nickname for CbDolphin. Has a very kind wife named Mrs.Cb. Both are charmers
  • Treasure - Nickname for Little Nicky 21. A Comical stripper name for him due to his tendency to please people. [Rzayo24 and Chris Lucas]
  • I in the Sky - Nickname for Matty because of his ability to be everywhere on Phinsider at once [Rzayo24]
  • Poo on You - Little Nicky 21's trademarked way to hit on women. Say Poo on You to them and they are yours for the night. Is not to be mistaken with "do me in the butt"
  • Mauglo - Nickname for MauMontaV5 [Finsxfactor]
  • True Story - Showing your shared belief in an opinion/ statement/ expression [CbDolphin]
  • CP10 - everybody's mancrush. This is the nickname for 2008 Phinsider Saviour: Chad Pennington. His contributions have cemented his place in Dolphins history.
  • RoboBlog- Nickname for Gatorphan, due to his innate ability to unveil posts with largely complicated statistics at an alarmingly rapid pace. [Rzayo24]
  • AutoBlog - Matty's technique for posting new pieces everyday. 12:15. Never earlier, never later. [Rzayo24]
  • Nicky Law- With the 75 word limit for a post, if you make up good-for-nothing words or random letters to fill the requirement, the fan post is thereby negligible. [Little Nicky 21]
  • CKC Corollary - Cool Kid's Club Threads do not have to abide by 75 word limit
  • Husker Law - No declaring "First!" on your own post. [Husker]
  • Nicky No Joke Law - If a member of the CKC likes to dish out jokes, but gets butt hurt when they are returned, the whole CKC gets to call him a Nancy. The accused member's slate will be wiped clean after the Nancy'ing. [Little Nicky 21]
  • Peezy Law - Anyone who leaves a CKC before El Peezy is looked down upon. The transgressor must replace his/her existing sig with "El zzzzzzzzzzzz" for 1 week. This law is not in effect if El Peezy is not present.
  • Finsx Law: Initial Posting of CKC Threads must be between 10:45pm - 2:15 am. (Eastern). Violators of this Law lose CKC starting privileges for 1 week [Finsxfactor]
  • Don't Mess- a statement used to tell others to back off or not to start anything. Both Rzayo24 and Finsxfactor first used this in response to UnderarmingMermaids relentless quest to be an annoying troll [Finsxfactor and Rzayo24]
  • Finsx Corollary - violators will have 1 week of CKC starting privileges revoked along with ability of outside parties referencing said transgressor as Phinsguy99; repeat violators will be subjugated to the rule of the Council of CK to be held at the next CKC [CbDolphin and Ex Sniper]
  • VBF- Short for Vaginal Blood Fart (See Vaginal Blood Fart)
  • Vaginal Blood Fart- In defense against some rogue Broncos Fans (see Mermaid, Jets/Pats Fans), Vaginal Blood Fart was the insult used by an extremely pissed off Husker. It is now known as one of the most grotesque things in the world and is the ultimate put down. [Husker]
  • Matty's - Annual awards ceremony for Phinsider Bloggers to commemorate special achievements or unique qualities. [Little Nicky 21]
  • Matty Law - Springsteen must be insulted at least once every CKC [Phinatic]
  • ITM - Short for Inside the Mind (see Inside the Mind) [Rzayo24]
  • Inside the Mind - Series of Articles that encompass a humor ridden outlook on the Dolphins that usually involve a comedic story. This is also the site of the first ever Phinsider Reunion[Rzayo24]
  • Negative Neo - Nickname for Neo due to what we perceive as constant Negativity. ...But it is actually a very realistic approach and opinion [Rzayo24 and Finsxfactor]
  • Internet Tough Guy - Another Nickname for CB. You don't mess with the ITG (see Don't Mess) [CbDolphin]
  • Jets/Pats Fans - Fans who bash their team the whole season, then come up with new excuses on why their team are contenders during the off-season
  • El zzzzzzzzzzz - Another nickname for El Presidente because often in CKC's he is the first to leave due to his early bedtime. [CbDolphin]
  • Titan Fighter - A person who cheers for more than one NFL team , which is Phan Blasphemy
  • Red Ex - when a posted picture shows up as nothing...or a red X [Husker]
  • Carpet Monster - A pregame ritual in which Rzayo would spill heinekin on his carpet as a way to pay homage to the football gods. [Rzayo24]
  • Hug it out - The only way to solve conflicts [Rzayo24]
  • Dolfinphan - All time movie-quote champ. Another member of the CKC
  • TunaFlipper - A ridiculously crazy blogger…who says statements that do not make sense..but we like him anyways.
  • KCsince88 - A relatively new blogger...but is a regular at the CKC meetings. An outgoing fun guy. He was the first to construct the Finsx lol chart.
  • Finsx lol chart - If it’s funny – lol ... really funny – LOL...hilarious – LMAO...HILARIOUS – LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL...HYSTERICAL – LLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [KCsince88]
  • Super dot - A very big period that denotes a big statement and a forceful expression. First used by Finsxfactor [Finsxfactor]
    • (Not Allowed)- alternative to personal attacks/ f bombs usage. This is used when you are in fear of getting banned...(again?) [Finsxfactor]



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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