SLIDERS and RISERS, don't be surprised who's there!

Every draft , high profile players slide and rise within days of the draft. We'll today's the day and I'm all geeked up and mocked out... After reworking my own Mock this morning it became obvious that we may be sitting in a solid position to capitalize on the BEST AVAILABLE because of all the players sliding to us.

Here are a few players that could all end up in our lap.

BJ Raji: and not so much because of the rumors. If he makes it past DEN he could drop pretty far. Peria Jerry and Ziggy Hood are also moving up the ladder, some boards have them ranked higher than Raji.

Percy Harvin: this is the obvious one, but he never really had low 1st round grade to begin with.'

Brian Cushing: With all the hype around USC other 3 LBs. Cushing's stock is actually falling. Yes, 3!. Mathews, Mauluga and Maiaua. OLB Kaluka Maiaua is now getting recognition as a second day pick. Some experts consider him the best "natural" prospect of the 4.

EVerette Brown: The FSU beast may slide considerably because of the more seasoned talent pool around him. A bit undersized for DE, and unfair comparisons to Vernon Goldston, Everette is competing with scores of OLB-DE tweeners. Guys like Connor Barwin, Clint Sintim, Larry English, Aaron Maybin, and Robert Ayers are moving ahead of him.  I never thought that he would potentially slide to us, but that would be a nice problem to have.

James Laurinatis: Some "experts" are still sold on James while others are scared to death. He is sliding fast and maybe be a mid-second when all is said and done.

Aaron Maybin: Mr. workout as I like to call him is all over the map, His stock is moving every second.

Brandon Pettigrew: An interesting option, but with a young Fasano, I don't see it happening. You can scratch ATL as a home, but I would love to see DET take him at 20. Stafford and Pettigrew would help each other tremendously.

Michael Johnson: All I hear about this guy are the negatives, but yet he's still a 1st round prospect.

Duke Robinson: Once a lock as the top guard, now finds himself with his OG peers, lurking around the middle of the second.

LeShawn McCoy: Once a top 3 RB, is now projected for the 3rd or 4th round. No idea why?

So those are the main sliders. Expected when we pick are the usual suspects, Larry English, Clay MAthews, Clint Sintim, Hakeen Nicks, Heyward-Bey, Vontae Davis, Peria Jerry, 

Who is rising? There is a handful of guys that teams with "reach" on with an earlier than expected pick. While other talents have been undermined all along. Does Miami have a favorite, or will they see a high grade talent they just can't pass on.

Connor Barwin: Getting more and more looks as a 1st rounder

RObert Ayers: solidifying himself as a 1st rounder and even as high as 15. A month ago he wasn't sniffing round 1.

Donald Brown: In a RB pool that is not regarded as strong, Donald is positioned as a top three candidate and natural 1st rounder. He'll be a 2nd round steal for somebody. What is Miami traded Ronnie for Braylon Edwards and ended up with Donlad Brown or BEanie Wells? --hate to say it but, I like it.

Beanie Wells: Like Donald Brown, Beanie may find himself leap frogging Moreno as the #1 RB.

Alphonso Smith: He and Darius Butler are dangling at the bottom of the first round and for good reason.

Alex MAck: Talent wise, could easily be a top 12 pick.

Low Hanging Fruit: Eben BRitton, William Beatty, Phil Loadholt, Kenny Britt, Patrick Chung, Max Unger, Eric Wood


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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