NFL Draft- Most Overrated & Underrated Players


Mark Sanchez- Qb- USC

His stock took a big hit mainly because he only started one year in college, however, since the beggining scouts acknowledged that he has got all the physical tools to be a pro quarterback. He is the prototypical NFL qb, think Carson Palmer. He stands well in the pocket, steps into his throws and even throws well in the run, he is accurate and most importantly, he can make all the throws given that he has a great arm. Ironically Im not the only one who thinks that:

Big (6-3) and blessed with a powerful right arm, Sanchez looks like the second coming of former Trojans great Carson Palmer

However, what stands out the most recently, is his personality, which goes to intangibles. I am a firm believer that leadership and work ethic plus football smarts are what can make or brake a qb in the NFL, if you add that his has  impressive physical tools, you are looking at a combination between Chad Pennington and Palmer.  Plus who are we kidding, he's got the looks. If not for his limited experience in college, we could have been looking at a digitally remastered Manning vs. Leaf saga.


Percy Harvin - WR- UF

Yes, eventhough Harvin might go in the late first, he will be a steal. Harvin is the most freakish athlete in this draft. His incredible speed and quickness do nothing but translate to the field. He is an explosive and versatile player that can line up in the slot or even as a tailback for a screen pass. I think the most accurate way to project him in the NFL is looking at Reggie Bush the receiver not the running back. When he has been healthy he has just torn apart opposing defenses, simply because these kind of athletes can not be stopped in the open field. This kid will immediately improve his team's passing offense as a whole.

Duke Robinson- OG- Oklahoma

Duke Robinson is an absolute beast, he started since his true freshman year and never looked back, racking up All-American awards along the way. He is partially responsible for Oklahoma's impressive offense. He is a nasty run blocker and very powerfull at the point of attack. He is not projected to go in the first round simply because guards dont usually go in the top 32, however, it would be a mistake not to aknowledge Robinson is 1st round material. Whatever team selects him is going to improve its O-Line from day one. (Jake Long next to Duke Robinson? wow)

Brian Robiskie-

This is the receiver that intrigues me the most out of the whole bunch. If not for his "limited" speed, he would probably be the best WR on this draft. He is the son of a former NFL Wide Receivers coach so it is not surprising that his mechanics are almost flawless, which is something that usually makes or breaks a WR in the NFL. Thus, he is an amazing route runner, uses his body very well to get separation, he is also tall and has soft hands so is  a powerful weapon in the red zone. This guy is definetely the most NFL Ready wideout coming out of the draft, and his work ethic along with his football IQ will make him  a steal for a team in the second round.


Macho Harris

Macho Harris has fallen of the map mainly because of his mediocre speed, which was around 4.5 and managed to lower it a bit in his pro day. However, just as Robiskie, he is regarded as one of the toughest and most instinctual cornerbacks coming out of college. He does all the little things well, footwork and hips, etc. What jumps out the most though, are his playmaking abilities, he is the personification of a ball hawk. If he continues to make up for his average speed in the NFL, he can be a solid starter for years to come. He could go in the end of the 2nd or even in the 3rd.

Andre Smith-

This guy is far and away the most talented OT in the draft. If not for his "character issues" he was probably a lock at #1 overall. He has a rare combination of power and strenght  with agility, mobility and quickness. I think he is going to be a steal at #6 because his "issues" in my opinion are just stupid. Think the Jets getting Jake Long at 6.


Clay Matthews-

This guy was a walk on at USC and managed to start only one season, his senior year. Basically everybody is so high on him because he is a phsysical specimen, which is basically all you have to be in college as a LB to be succesful. Think Vernon Gholston. But there are many questionmarks about his experience and football IQ, along with strong rumors about steroids use. I wouldnt touch Mathews, a guy like English should probably be higher on your board than him.

Derrius Heyward Bey-

This guy's got bust written all over. He was a 100 meter star in track back in college, and he had so much trouble running routes and catching the ball that his coaches suggested "sticking to track". No offense, but think Tedd Ginn. He might be able to be a succesful deep threat #2 wideout, but it is very unlikely he'll be something more.

We'll have to see




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