Addressing the CB ... similar to WR'08?

Last season as the draft was approaching we were a team with plenty of holes, most notably at WR.  We had just acuired Wilford in FA and still had holdovers in Ginn Jr and the hero Camarillo. 

It was thought by many including myself that the position would be addressed in the first 3 rounds but as each round passed another position was addressed.  The position later was addressed not with a late pick but with a UDFA and as the season progressed we made a great move in acuiring London. 

Our current CB position brings many similar things to the WR position of last year aswell.  We added a FA Green (Wilford), we have a former 1st round pick J.Allen (Ginn Jr.) and we also have a unknown in J.Thomas (Camarillo).  The only real difference between the two is that we have a solid veteran CB in W.Allen that we didn't have at WR last year. 

So my question is simple .... Will we address the CB position similar to the WR position last season?

While I personally think the CB spot will be addressed at some point in the draft I'm not sure if it will be as high as we are thinking.

The trifecta talks about building a team from inside out and if we follow this you can see that we may end up in the same spot with the CB position.

Currently it seems that the OL positions are set, you can also say that the NT spot is a need in the DL(1 - 2nd round pick gone)  

Working inside out the next spots are TE and LBS.  While I feel the TE spot is secure, if a Brandon Pettigrew drops to #25 I could see that being a possible pick. Their is also a need at LB and with the quality of LBS in the first round this choice could easily be spent on either an ILB or OLB (1st round pick gone)

So if the board falls accordingly we can easily have gone through two of our top three picks without addressing the CB position.  This is where I can now see the trifecta moving to the outside and addressing the WR or CB position.  I feel that in this part of the draft there is a great number of quality of WR so its more likely that the CB position is left out. 

With that being said a 3rd round CB isn't a bad thing but it won't be a Sean Smith or Darius Butler. 

How would this make you feel as a fan?  Would you be upset if this position wasn't addressed with atleast one of our first three picks?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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