Oddball Offseason Ideas

With 2 weeks left till the draft, I feel like we've pretty much beaten the probable scenarios into the ground.  Should we draft a Cornerback first, or a Linebacker?  Perhaps a Receiver?  How many Corners do we actually need?  When should we take a Nose Tackle?  What about the O-Line?  Jason Taylor anyone?  However, I think there's still quite a few not-so-probable ideas that, either nobody's thinking of them, or nobody's willing to bring them up.  Some of them have been brought up, and then shot down, or never really considered.  Some of them have been debated on and off throughout the offseason, but have never really gained steam as a viable option.

Now, most of these have no information behind them, and there's absolutely no indication they've even been considered by the team, but we as fans have a duty to talk about anything and everything involving our team, from the supposedly certain (we'll draft a corner) to the completely ridiculous (trade Yeremiah Bell?).  I'm anxious to see how many of you are completely attached to our players, which of you have open minds about improving the team, and which of you think I'm a complete idiot (don't all raise your hands at once..).

Oddball Scenario #1

Trade Chad Pennington for Draft Picks: This one has been debated by a few people, but most don't even want to think about a Dolphins team without CP10.  The biggest sticking point in these arguments are where the future lies.  Many people believe that, since Henne has been anointed the QB of the Future for 2010, that Pennington's been used up, and we might as well get Henne a full year of experience before putting him in charge of a playoff team.  Others feel that Pennington brought us to the playoffs last year, and with an improved defense and healthy weapons on offense, can get us a Super Bowl within the next two years.

But, if by trading Pennington, you can get the necessary draft picks to improve that defense and add some weapons, and you can accelerate Henne's development by giving him 16 games of experience, wouldn't that be the best of worlds?  By bringing in even more talent, plus having an experienced QB with all the tools in the shed going into the 2010 season, I believe we would be in a prime situation to make a run for a title, not only that season, but for multiple seasons beyond. 

However, even if you do get some quality draft picks, there's no guarantee the team is prepared for a rookie QB to take his lumps, and there's the chance that Henne could be ruined by thrusting him into action too early.  Pennington is a good QB, and he helped the development of many of our guys last season with his steady hand and leadership, and the team may still need that steady hand in it's second year of the rebuild.

Are you For or Against dealing Pennington?

Oddball Scenario #2

Trade Joey Porter for Draft Picks: This was brought up in the weeks following the playoff loss, and pretty much lost all steam as the offseason progressed.  I think it's something that can be an option, because his value most likely won't ever be this high again.  Coming off a 17.5 sack season, and with more and more teams switching to a 3-4 scheme, Porter could fetch a decent haul in a trade, especially for a team that is staring at a defense with NO pass-rushing options and various other needs (KC, Cleveland). 

I think that by trading Porter, we would have the opportunity to add more talent the roster with the picks we acquire, as well as allow us to justify taking a Rush LB in the first round, where there should be quite a few good options.  It would also open the door for Cam Wake to play his way into the position and gain some playing experience if he's gonna be "the guy" at that position.  Like I said before, Porter's value will never be higher, so it's a classic "sell high" scenario.  I'm a firm believer that it's better to trade a guy a year too early than a year too late, and it may be too late to get anything of value for Porter after this year.

However, the defense really lacks any sort of pass rush outside of JP, and trading him away doesn't mean we'll automatically fill in the position with another quality player.  Wake is still an unknown, and will take some time to learn the position, and it's tough to count on a rookie to be the playmaking force in a defense right away.  Porter is the emotional leader of the team, and we should squeeze every bit of intensity and leadership out of him before replacing him.

So, would you be open to the idea of trading Porter?

Oddball Scenario #3

Trade Yeremiah Bell for Draft Picks: Settle down people, it's for discussion, not an endorsment.  But this is something I haven't seen brought up at all, and the pros and cons have been flying around my head for a couple days.  Obviously, he's a fan favorite here, and he was an integral part of our playoff run last year, making big tackles and deflections to save some wins, and being a stabilizing force in very mediocre secondary.  But Bell is also 31 years old, and has a history of injuries.

The case for trading him is a simple one.  We signed Gibril Wilson to play FS, but I believe, and I'm not the only one, that his best position is SS.  He's as good an option as any to step into Bell's spot and perform up to par, and we would then be able to go out and get a true playmaker at the FS spot.  Bell is another guy who's value will probably never be higher, because he's coming off a full season, and he's over 30.  He would've been a hot commodity in Free Agency had we not re-signed him, so it shouldn't be difficult to envision getting a good haul in a trade.

However, the defense is much, much better with him on the field, and pairing him with Wilson gives us one of the more terrifying safety duo's in the league.  If he can stay healthy, he's one of the better SS's in the NFL, and it'd be foolish to create another hole in the secondary when there's already 1 1/2 (Will Allen needs to be replaced soon) there now.  Bell has some years left, and we'll be able to draft a replacement late in the draft and groom him for a couple years to take over.

Is trading YBell open for consideration?

My Take:  I think that trading Pennington is an intriguing idea, but I'm on the fence.  I like the idea of getting extra picks, especially if we can land a first day selection, because that just helps us add more talent, but there's always the "what-if?" factor behind Henne, and I'd like to be insured for that.

I'm open to trading Porter, because he definitely hit a wall last year, and I think that signalled a down turn to his career.  I believe we can replace him with Wake and/or a high draft pick at that position, and I think this is the last year we would be able to get anything of value for him.

I don't want to trade Bell at this point.  I think next year, if we have the ability to get a Taylor Mays or Eric Berry or Major Wright in the draft, then dealing Bell for extra picks and moving GWilson back to SS would be a good option.  But that all depends on how Wilson/Bell play this year.  If our safety duo is awesome, then just leave it alone and draft some future replacements to groom.


There's a bunch of other ideas floating around that have gotten very little play, so I may do a Part 2 of this post if it's well-received.  I mean, I didn't even bring up trading Ronnie, Vernon Carey, trading up in the draft, or moving Ginn to defense :-)

Discuss away..

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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