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First and foremost I want to state that I am not trying to copy Rzayo's ITM or anything like that, I keep meaning to do a lengthy post about what I think about our Phins, but I'm just so lazy I havn't gotten to it (Plus I've had a more Homework than than Pacman has convictions). Let me just give you a run down of how this post is going to flow, Kinda like a table of contents for you avid book readers out there.  First off I'll talk a little bit about *Last Season*.   CP10, Wildcat, Yeremiah Bell.  Plenty of memories that we gotta keep fresh.  Then I'll break into some *Free Agent Reflection*, I've got some pretty hefty thoughts on the 3 G's signings (more in that section).   Finaly Ill finish with some *Random Thoughts*.  Read if you want, just something for you guys to do.  Let's get to it.



  • Last Season

340x_medium Alright I'll admit it I have a man crush on Bell


So yeah, last season was Phan-tastic (is it gay how we use Ph for stuff that starts with F).  I've got to admit before our great run even happened at all I was the first person to call the Chad Pennington signing a bad move.  I was just sick of us taking old, terrible QBs and trying to make something out of them.  Gus Ferotte=Fail.  There is one thing that I failed to account for though when we picked up CP10 and that's that he is a freaking GENIUS.  Like seriously he probably could invent the west coast offense if it already hadn't been made.  His intelligance allowed us to win probably 5 out of our 11 wins simply by going through this in his mind "Should I try to squeeze the ball?  Naw it'll be a pick, WOH running back open in the flat" instead of Cleo Lemon thinking "INTERCEPTION......DON'T DIVE INTO THE END ZONE WHEN IM 2 FEET FROM IT".  When life give's you Lemons...release them. 

Anyway enough about CP10, we hear a lot about him I NEED to talk about this Wildcat Formation because it seriously made me drop something in my pants when I first saw it and I'll tell you why.  The High School Football team I am currently apart of runs that SAME EXACT OFFENSE, this isn't a joke we run the same friggn' thing.  Granted Ronnie Brown would be a QB and CP10 would be a receiver that can throw but still, almost every base wildcat play that the Phins ran, we ran ourselves this season.  So you can imagine having a game on Saturday running "Doubles Right Ram 18 Iso" (Fake handoff to motion man (rickey) QB keeps and runs right) then seeing Ronnie do the samething on sunday, it really made me point and laugh at the Patsies and  say "WOW you just got beat by a high school offense". 

I know I could talk about all sorts of memories about the season, but thats a post that has happened already and instead Ill use my room to talk about my favorite player on the Dolphin Defense.  Yeremiah Bell.  Anyone notice how TRASH our D was when we were 1-15 and how TRASHIER our secondary was...O wait Bell had a torn achilles tendon 2 seasons ago.  I don't know if anyone here has achilles tendon problems, but my friend got a nail through his 1 1/2 years ago and he still isn't running full speed  yet.  Really shows you how fantastic the NFL training staff is and Bell's ability to bounce back and LEAD the team in tackles.  Think of how many solo tackles he had *100*.  So lets just say that if a defender breaks every one of those tackles and gets just ten more yards.  That's essentially 1,000 yards Bell saved.  Seeing as we won a ton of our games by less than one possesion, those yards make a difference.  The only knock i got on you my man is when Andre Johnson caught that ball over your face, we woulda been 12-4 if you could have INT'd that or even batted it down, but it's okay, we'll beat the Texans....some day.

Free Agent Reflection

  Let-g_medium Im not talking about the Unit here.



The 3 Gs Grove, Green and Gibril.  Alright I'll start with Jake Grove, I am actually a huge fan of this pick and I think that the "Satele-Grove" swap is going to benifit both teams and I'll explain why.  Jake Grove is a power blocker, its what he does, his feet aren't nimble enough to work in that stupid Raider zone blocking sceme, Satele, being a bit lighter, can move a little faster and work in that zone sceme.  All grove needs to do for us is move Wilforklift to the left 2 feet so Ronnie can blast up the middle and shred the Patsies.  I beleive he can do that, am I happy we traded Satele though...NOOOOO.  Jake is going to work out, but as his injury history shows, there is a good chance that he gets hurt.  So why not keep an insurance policy.  Im just saying we BETTER draft a center in round 3 or 4 so that we can get a quality backup (or starder ala Donald Thomas)

So Eric who?  The awefull Cardinal corner that got benched? Yeah him, I tried finding video on this guy as a pro and I couldn't find any, you know why?  because he hasn't really done anything to deserve an Ed Reedesk video.  Sure he was a solid guy for a while, but now IMO he is a scrub, a HUGE scrub and we better draft a corner with either our first pick or our second pick becuause I cannot let this guy start for us, let Jason Allen start I still have a little confidence in him.

I hate negatives, its been proven that optimists live longer that pessimists.  But I'm not really a "Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty" kind of person, I think the glass is just too damn big.  Any way my last G and by far my favorite.  Gibril Wilson.  The man like's to hit.  Sure there was that argument about him having Nnamdi back there to help him, but you know what, he didnt have Asomuga helping him make all those tackles.  If the man can wrap up and save us yards then lets sign him.  He IMMEDIATLY upgrades our secondary. 

Reynaldo Hill = 62 solo tackles  

Gibril Wilson=   92 solo tackles

Nuff said.

Random Thoughts

Alright I'm almost out of stuff to say I promise

  • I think we need to adress in the draft these positions (in this order) CB, WR, LB, C, CB (again), DT
  • I think we are going to draft in THIS order: LB, CB, WR, DT, C
  • Anyone else noticing how big this community is getting, guys like Foy and Blaze are coming and I even see Natalya and Neo posting more avidly again.  It's great, I'm pretty much a n00b posting on this site, but I've been an avid reader even when we had "the finatic" posting our daily reads hahaha.
  • Just a shout out to Matty, thanks for writing your stuff everyday, I'm writing this and I'm already bored.  When I wake up in the morning for school this is the first site I go too and Its always a good read.
  • I love the Miami Dolphins
  • 214267640admneo_ph_medium Though I have no problems loving this either.


  • Do I have this quote right Gator? 

 I promise you one thing, a lot of good will come out of this. You will never see any blogger in the entire country blog as hard as I will blog the rest of the season, and you will never see someone push the rest of the bloggers as hard as I will push everybody the rest of this season, and you'll never see a blog blog harder than we will the rest of this season. God bless...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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