Opinions on some of Mia's potential draft targets

Hey all, this is my first attempt at a fan post.. but I just wanted to get some feedback on my opinions on some of the players that may be available when Mia picks in the 1st/2nd rounds this year.



Brian Robiskie - Seems like a very good #2 receiver at best.  Appears to be excellent at finding the holes in zone coverage and has very dependable hands.  However, I don't see him developing into the #1 receiver this team needs, and they already have enough good #2s (Ginn, Camarillo, Bess)

Kenny Britt - Seems a bit raw.. still has alot of room to develop.  Probably did not get to show his best stuff with Mike Teel throwing to him.  Overall I think he's my preferred target at WR.. He has excellent size and shows the ability to make the amazing catch.  He has the potential to turn into a legitimate #1 target that this team has not had in awhile.


Duke Robinson - Doesn't impress me too much.. Despite his size, does not dominate physically.  Does not appear transition to the 2nd level blocks smoothly. 

Herman Johnson - Appears to be everything that Robinson isn't in my eyes.  Amazing size, runs through his blocks, and has the ability to get to the second level.  I can see this guy developing into a Leonard Davis type guard.


Connor Barwin - Very raw.  Not sure how else to describe him as far as production so far, but the versatility he has shown by being able to make the successful transition from TE to DE and the willinginess to make the change makes him a player that any team would benefit from just by having him on their team.  On top of that, he does appear to have the physical ability with good coaching to at least be a very good starter

Brian Cushing - A few weeks ago, I was praying that Cushing fell to Mia at #25.. Now, after watching some of his highlight tapes, he has fallen completely off of my radar.  His measurables are great, no doubt.  But when I watched him on tape, it seems that he never had to defeat a block for a sack, and when he made a tackle, it was always dragging the ball carrier down.  Matt Roth can do that.  Mia needs an impact player that will run through the ball carrier and generate tackles for loss and turnovers.

Larry English - Definitely a fan of English's.  Like Barwin, he will take some good coaching since he is making the transition to OLB as well.  The thing I like most about English is that he shows the physical ability to make the transition, but for now possesses the polished pass ruch skills that will allow him to excel as a pass rusher while he learns the nuances of dropping into coverage (a la Terrell Suggs).

Clint Sintim - Very similar to English IMO.. not quite as polished as a pass rusher.. I would not take Sintim over English, but would consider him if English was off the board.

Clay Matthews Jr. - This is the linebacker (and maybe player in general) that I feel would be the best at stepping in from Day 1 and being a productive starter.  He has all of the pass rush skills of English/Sintim, but also has the experience dropping back in coverage that English/Sintim lack.  On top of that, he was a late bloomer, so he still has alot of room to develop.  He also definitely has the bloodlines in his favor.


D.J. Moore - Good skills.. seems like alot of his highlights were of him playing offense/special teams.. It's very rare that a player goes both ways with any kind of regularity in the NFL.. and as far as special teams, Mia is fairly set with Ginn, Bess, and Cobbs returning the ball.. I think he's good value for A team, just not THIS team.

Vontae Davis - Everything says he should be the #1 corner this team needs.. But there are still alot of question marks with him.  In the right situation, I think he can turn into that player.  If he is not kept in a structured environment, he could start to fall of the tracks the way his brother did in SF until Singletary sent him to the locker room.

Alphonso Smith - Probably my favorite player in the entire draft.  The kid has amazing ball skills.  I know he doesn't have the size that everyone wants, and might never be a #1 corner, but could develop into an elite #2 corner.  And to defend his size - if you are considering D.J Moore or Darius Butler, you better have this guy on your list too.  He's an inch shorter, but about 15 lbs heavier than either of these players, which should help him successfully match up with bigger receivers (which he has done with Hayward-Bey and the receivers at FSU).

Sean Smith - Numbers = wow.. but why didn't he get a scholarship at the big schools?  I know everyone will be pointing to the success of Rogers-Cromartie last year, but that's not the norm.  I like Smith, and he has a TON of upside.. but I think that the chance of risk/reward just aren't enough to take him with the #25 pick, and I don't see him lasting till our first pick in the 2nd round.

Darius Butler - Kind of a poor man's Alphonso Smith IMO.. Pretty good ball skills, good tackler, alot of experience.. If Mia does not get Smith, I would be happy with Butler

Thanks for reading through my post.. Feel free to let me know if you think i'm way off on any of this (I expect alot of disagreements w/ Cushing).  With all of that said - here is a short wish list

Round 1 - Vontae Davis, Kenny Britt, Larry English, maybe even Matthews Jr. if English is off the board at this point 

1st pick, Round 2 - Alphonso Smith, Clay Matthews Jr, D. J. Moore, Sean Smith (I'd rather see someone that can definetly step in and contribute from day 1, but too hard to pass up at this point)

2nd pick, Round 2 - Connor Barwin, Clint Sintim, Darius Butler, Herman Johnson, Brian Robiskie

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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