2nd Round QBs: Possibilities of Success

First of all let me begin by thanking all of you for your encouragement in the Matty´s, it means a lot coming from you guys. 

So this time I wanted to discuss Chad Henne. It has really come to my attention that everybody is really high on Henne and that made me wonder what we are basing our expectations on, specially since he has just thrown around 7 passes for us in a NFL game, meaning, why are we so high on Chad Henne?, what makes us think that he is not just more special than Kevin Kolb, Brian Brohm, or heck even our own John Beck, but a true Franchise QB?Why did so many teams pass on him not just once, but twice? teams in need of a QB such as Minn and Chi. I do realize that a huge confidence booster is that Bill Parcells drafted him in a high round, however, I feel uncomfortable with this situation. What would happen if we realize Chad Henne is nothing more than an average QB or worse, a bust, just when our long rebuilding process is completed and we are ready to contend. My take is that we can not rule out aspects of the market such as a young proven QB like Jay Cutler just because we feel comfortable with a "project". We have been looking for a franchise QB since Dan Marino left, and in the process, have lost a lot of amazing things such as a t dominant defense and one of the greatest seasons a RB has had in south beach. I would hate to put all of our eggs in this basket and later on be in this situation again. Personally, I´m not here nor there. I just hope they dont throw him in too soon and let him learn from a great student of the game such as CP10. 

I wanted to see how many franchise QB´s have been drafted in the late 2nd round(bottom half - 47 to 62- and how many of them have turned out to be busts in the last 10 drafts. 

2nd and 3rd Round QB´s

1998- None 

1999- Shaun King 


2001- Quincy Carter, Marques Tuisasopo 

2002- None 

2003-Chris Simms in the late 3rd 

2004 - Matt Schaub at 90 overall

2005- no 2nds. Charlie Frye, David Greene 3rd rounders 

2006- Kellen Clemens, Tarvaris Jackson UFFF 

2007- Kevin Kolb, John Beck, Drew Stanton



What really comes to my attention are two things- 

1- between these couple of years truly great franchise quarterbacks have been drafted in the 1st round, from P Manning to Donovan McNabb to Mike Vick, Philip Rivers, Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisburguer....

The point is that these franchise went for a franchise QB for years to come in the 1st round with a high pick and were successful (of course you can also go bust : Leaf, Leinart, Young [leinart and young arent busts yet however you cant call them true franchise qb´s]) 

so then 

2- When teams in need of a franchise QB go get their QB in the 2nd round, specially as of lately, it has proven to be seriously unsuccessful and to amazingly set their organizations back. I am talking about guys like Kevin Kolb, Kellen Clemens, Tarvaris Jackson, even John Beck (if CP10 hadnt come) and Drew Stanton. They are second round picks that were expected to step in and consolidate as startes in their teams and being unsuccessful thus the jets having to bring in Brett Favre, the Vikings Gus Frerote and Sage Rosenfels this season, the Dolphins CP10 and the Lions Culpepper. 


I suppose this is a way of looking at our chances of Chad Henne becoming a true franchise QB, however, I sure as heck hope he doesnt follow this pattern. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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