Don't Compare Green To Bodden. . .

I know the most tempting thing here is to compare Eric Green to what the Patriots paid to Leigh Bodden.  Bodden is of a similar age, but seems to have much more upside- and he probably does.  But I don't think that is necessarily fair- mainly because it really seems as if Bodden didn't want to play for us.  We contacted his agent- but he didn't even want to come down for a visit.  That to me means he probably didn't have us on his list.

Instead, I think it would be much more fair to compare him to two players.  One would be Bryant McFadden.   He was another corner we were interested in, and made an offer to.  I heard an interview with him today, and he said we simply didn't have the numbers where he expected them.  He probably has more upside than Green- but fewer starts, less experience, and is more of an unknown.  He got a 2 year, $10 million guaranteed contract.


The other player I think would be fair to compare Green to is the guy he is replacing- Andre Goodman.  Funny enough- everyone's favorite reporter (to hate) actually has already done a break down, and has even gotten the advice of a scout.  You can read that breakdown here. 

Mando gives the edge to Green in measurables, production to Goodman, with the overall edge going to Goodman by the slightest margin.  Green is the better athlete, Goodman is a better technician (and shouldn't he be with his extra experience?).  Mando also mentions that Green should match up better against bigger receivers.  The scout said he graded Goodman as a 65, Green as a 63.  So basically Green is just a hair worse than what we had, but is younger and hopefully still has some improvement in his game. 

Goody got a 5 year, $25 million deal with $10 million in guarantees- so just like Bryant he is getting $5 mill a year (though he probably won't make it through all 5 of those years). 

Based on that- I will say we made a good signing if we got him for less than that $5 million per year figure.  If its less that $4 million per year- I might even upgrade it to a very good signing.  What numbers are you guys looking for?


Just in case you were jonesing for some stats- I did a breakdown of how the Cardinals' pass D compared with, and without Green in the lineup.  There are three categories- games he started,  games he didn't start (but may or may not have seen time in), and games he didn't play in at all.  I compared the total passing yards allowed by the Cards vs. the regular season average for passing yards of their opponents.  I did the same for passing TD's allowed. The difference is the allowed minus the average- so a positive number means they allowed more yards or points to that team than the teams average (ie its BAD).  The % is the difference over the season average, so once again- a positive % is BAD- it means they allowed more points or yards than the team usually gains.  I can't say that Green himself was SOLELY responsible for the differences, but if he was the only player changed- it probably was at least a big contributor.


Passing Yards
Yards Allowed Season Avg. Diff  %
Green Started              (9 games)
2100 1840.7 259.3 14.09%
Green Did Not Start   (11 games)
2236 1823.3 412.7 22.63%
Green Did Not Play     (7 games)
1643 1436.6 206.4 14.37%


Passing TDs
Pass TDs Allowed
Season Avg Diff %
Green Started              (9 games)
19 10.5625 8.44 79.88%
Green Did Not Start  (11 games)
24 12.9375 11.06 85.51%
Green Did Not Play      (7 games)
14 7.9375 6.06 76.38%

Overall, the differences are barely significant. . . With or without Green the Cards allowed more yards and TDs than their opponents were able to rack up on average. Kind of an indicator that the entire secondary wasn't too hot- even boy wonder Rodgers-Cromartie didn't make much of a difference - with slightly fewer TDs allowed, slightly more yards (both by insignifcant amounts really).


I'm not going to try to interpret these stats other than that- make of them what you will.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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