The 09 Dolphins progress report

  The triumvirate has been busy piecing together the 09 fins, and have updated the roster. There are 64 players on the roster, 9 picks in the draft, the undrafted guys they will sign, and whoever else they may pick up in FA before then. 53 guys will make the squad. Here is a look at each position and where we stand.

QB; 3 

The Chads , one is now the other is the future, nuff said.

RB; 4

Ronnie and Ricky stud city, they keep 3 or 4 and they love cobbs. #26 Lex Hilliard 5'11" 230 will compete with whoever else they bring in for possible 4th spot.

FB; 2

Polite and #20 Chris Brown (no not that Chris Brown) 6'0" 240 will slug it out with whoever else they bring in.

TE; 3

Fasano and Martin were great last year, and Haynos showed flashes. 3 is usual at this position, so it is likely to remain as it is.


Bess, Camarillo and Ginn are 3 of the 5 they will likely keep. London showed flashes, Wilford did not. London and Wilford  will compete with, #11 Anthony Armstrong 5'11" 175,  #16 Todd Lowber 6'3" 205, and whoever else they bring in for 2 or maybe 3 spots.

T; 4

Long and Carey are rocks. Garner and Frye will try to keep their jobs as back ups.

G; 6

Smiley and Thomas were opening day starters, both were on IR at the end. Smiley says he is way ahead of schedule, will miss OTAs but be ready for camp, Thomas will be at OTAs. Alleman, Murphy , Ndukwe and #67 Joe Berger will compete with whoever else for ALL spots, given the uncertainty of Smiley and youth of Thomas. It should be interesting.

C; 1

Satele is the only C on the roster. Ndukwe is listed as G/C, but they will bring in others to compete.

* O line note; they will likely keep 9 or 10 players on the roster.

DE; 6

Holliday, Langford, Merling and Starks got most of the reps last year, and are likely returning. Dotson and Wright will compete with whoever else they bring in for 1 or 2 spots.

NT; 3

Ferguson is a stud, Solai and #62 Joe Cohen 6'2" 315 will compete with whoever else for 1 spot.

LB; 11

Porter, Ayodele, Crowder and Roth were the starters last year, Walden, Torbor, Anderson and Moses all saw some action. #49 Tearrius George 6'4" 260 and #58 William Kershaw 6'3" 240 were added to the roster. And of course the freak #59 Cameron Wake. At 6'3" 240 (20 lbs lighter than his collage days) he posted sub 4.5 40 times in Canada, and for any one who has not seen it check out youtube, to see him snatch some taped money off an 11'8" ceiling! They kept 7 guys on the roster most of the year. This will be a dogfight, can't wait!

S; 5

Bell And Wilson will start, they will keep 4 or 5 here, which means Culver, Bryan and #43 Ethan Kilmer 6'0" 205 will compete with whoever else for 2 or 3 spots.

CB; 6

W. Allen is the only starter we have, so Thomas, J. Allen, Jones and #27 Will Billingsley 5'10" 195, and #35 Scorpio Babers 5'11" 185 will compete with whoever else for the other 5 spots, since they will likely keep 6.

P; 1


K: 1


LS; 1


The players who just got #s i've added and also the sizes of the newer less known players. I hope its useful to you guys, as we all look forward to the draft.


This piece of work was inspired by GatorPhan, for that piece on Nolan.


sorry left out FBs(not that any one gives a hoot) accept Phintastic!

thanx again dude:)





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