How good can we really be?

Excited for the Phinsider Mock Draft, I began to spend a few minutes digesting the Pats and their needs. I began to think about their young talent and became more and more excited about the potential on our roster. Then I asked myself how do we really fare with all the other teams, as far as young talent and potential.  So, I had a little fun... assuming I was a new GM and could have any players I wanted. The goal was to find talent that, minus my first year as a buffer, would have the best potential to bring home championships for the following 5 years.  Call it a 6 year plan to win 5 superbowls.  So much for the Peyton Mannings, LTs, Jared Allens, I had to find top notch young talent.

I broke down my results into A,B, and C list players.   What I learned is that the Dolphins are right there in young potential with a handful of other teams.   The Giants clearly stood out as home of the best young talent (Manning, Ross and Jacobs didn't even make it) For us, Satele would have made it last yr, Ginn makes it as a solid KR, but we know those days are now numbered, and  who knows about Henne, Don Thomas, and Merling? I did add Kendall Langford to my C team because he really excelled this year and I pray he's not an overachiever.

STL, PIT, ARZ, KC, DEN and the JETS were all very impressive with their respective young talent.  It's scary to think PIT, ARZ, and GIA are that strong and young, but not in our division thank God. However, the JETs are and as much as they make me sick, they were right on the cusp with several players: Lowery, D Harris, and Rhodes.  Even with no QB, we can not sleep on the JETS, as much as that pains me to say.

What I also learned is that we are still a few yrs away from having young talent in some key places. Fast forward 6 years from now, we probably won't have any RBs, DTs, DBs, LBs or WRs on our roster.  We may not even have a QB. This is were we need to trust Tuna and just like the talent we acquired last year, I am excited to find some new talent again in this draft.

Here was my results from building my young talented teams. I was bored and figured I share. My wife, 3yr old and dog were not interested,...hope you guys enjoy.

                     A Team                                         B Team                                         C Team

QB Ben Roethliberger PIT Matt Ryan ATL Drew Brees NO
RB Adrian Peterson MIN Chris Johnson TEN Johnathan Stewart CAR
FB Laron McClain BAL Mike Sellars WAS Andre Hall TEN
WR Larry Fitzgerlad ARZ Brandon Marshall DEN Braylon Edwards CLE
Calvin Johnson DET Andre Johnson HOU Santonio Holmes PIT
TE Dallas Clark IND Jason Whitten DAL Kellen Winslow Jr TB
OT Jake Long MIA Joe Thomas CLE Ryan Clady DEN
OG Chris Snee GIA Brandon Alberts KC Sam Baker ATL
OC Jason Brown STL Nick Mangold JET Shawn OHara GIA
DT Jason Tuck GIA Darnell Dockett ARZ Glenn Dorsey KC
DE Osi Umenyura GIA Chris Long STL Kendall Langford MIA
LB Patrick Willis SF Demeco Ryans HOU Keith Rivers CIN
  Ernie Simms DET Jerod Mayo NE AJ Hawk GB
CB Dom R-Cromartie ARZ Brandon Flowers KC Darrelle Revis JET
S Kenny Phillips GIA Reggie Nelson JAX Chris Horton WAS
P Brett Kern DEN Dan Sepulveda PIT Andy Lee SF
K Stephen Gotskowski NE Dan Carpenter MIA Marlon Crosby GB
KR Leodis McKelvin BUF Clifton Smith TB Tedd Ginn Jr MIA

Sorry, I was bored.... :)



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