Best Players You've Never Heard Of: Lee Robinson

This edition of the series brings you a player from the pride of Mississippi, Alcorn State. Alcorn was home to such former NFL greats as Steve McNair, and . . . well thats about it.  Linebacker Lee Robinson is probably their best shot to double that number.

His basics?  Well, he was good enough to earn an invite to the combine so his measurables should be available soon.  Expect him to weigh into the combine at 6'-2", and 250 lbs.     His soon to be confirmed 40 yard dash should come in around 4.65 seconds, which is outstanding speed for someone of his size.

How did he get invited to the combine in the first place?

His strengths include:  Great athleticism and strength, especially upper body.  He was a multi-sport athlete in high school, and has good speed, leaping ability, and explosiveness.  He has good instincts and is always heading towards the ball.  He is a big hitter who enjoys laying out the ball carrier.  He is good at getting off of blocks.  He is extremely versatile- he played OLB in college, but also got down in a 3 point stance frequently to take advantage of his explosiveness in rushing the passer.  His size, run stopping ability, and instinct make him a possibility at inside backer as well.  At the Texas vs. The Nation game, he showcased his ability to cover TEs and RBs one on one, and should be fully capable of dropping into coverage in a 3-4, as well as hanging with athletic pulling guards trying to block down field in space.  He is a fantastic leader, both in the game and out.

Some notes from his performance at the Texas vs The Nation game via

Lee Robinson (LB-Alcorn State) - Robinson had the defensive play of the practice with a twisting interception snagged out of the air at full extension on a Chase Patton fastball. Robinson showed excellent coordination staying on his feet and turning instantly into a returner after the spectacular pick. He’s clearly a tremendous athlete.

Robinson is by far the best athlete of the LBs on either squad, and he uses that edge to make plays. He stayed with speed demon Devin Moore step for step on a deep route, and also stuck to Bernard Scott down the field in backs on backers. He also displayed terrific quickness and drive to penetrate and shoot gaps against the run, and explodes into his tackles. Robinson is definitely one of the best prospects in this game.

You can see Robinson’s superior athleticism/size combo out there even if you’re not looking for it. He didn’t make huge plays like Joseph, but his burst off the snap, ability to fight through blocks, and one play where he easily threw an opponent to the ground all amounted to a good closing argument in the case he built to be a mid-round pick in the draft during the week in El Paso.


Texas vs. the Nation, Wednesday: OLB Lee Robinson (Alcorn State, 6-2, 249): He could challenge Owens as the top pick from this game because he's a physical specimen, and he can really play. Scouts value a guy like Robinson who can hold up a pulling guard in space but run with backs in coverage down the sideline.

Lee Robinson, a linebacker from Alcorn State, continues to impress with his athleticism. Even at 249 pounds, he has the ability to track running backs in the flat and get to receiver in short zones. He's a guy who looks like Tarzan -- and plays like him, too.* Of this week's participants, Robinson should be one of the first players drafted. - Chad Reuter, The Sports Xchange,


(Emphasis added)*

His weaknesses?  Like most people in this series, his biggest question is the level of competition.  The SWAC isn't exactly full of NFL ready players- so is he dominant, or just a big fish in a small pond?  There were some knocks on his ability to hang in coverage, but he largely addressed them at the Texas vs The Nation game- still the question will remain if he can do it consistently.  He also needs to improve his tackling technique, as at times he fails to completely wrap up, and larger backs may slip through his tackles.

His career stats are below:


Lee Robinson, Career Totals
2005 11 62 8 4 4 0 1
2006 11 79 15 9 1 0 2
2007 9 82 18 4 3 0 1
2008 12 111 10.5 3.5 3 3 3
Totals  43 334 51.5 20.5 11 3 7


Lee Robinson, Career Averages
2005 5.64 0.73 0.36 0.36 0.00 0.09
2006 7.18 1.36 0.82 0.09 0.00 0.18
2007 9.11 2.00 0.44 0.33 0.00 0.11
2008 9.25 0.88 0.29 0.25 0.25 0.25
Totals  7.77 1.20 0.48 0.26 0.07 0.16

Of course, to get noticed in the first place he had to completely dominate his competition- which you can see he clearly did.  His forced fumbles are absolutely outstanding and really highlight his big hitting ability.  He spent lots of time behind the line of scrimmage, which of course you would like to see for a pass rusher.  His tackles his Sr. year are unbelievable for an OLB, as they only really get to play a quarter of the field, to a half at the most.  I really like his pass break ups, and the three interceptions his senior year speak really well to his ability to defend the pass and stay on the field for 3rd and long. 


Random facts:

  • Lettered in baseball, basketball, and track and field in addition to football in high school.
  • Was an All American his Junior and Senior years in high school.
  • He was defensive player of the year his Jr year in high school.
  • Named to the all SWAC team his Senior year in college.
  • Was the state champion in the long jump and triple jump his senior year in high school.
  • Played all four years in college (started 3), and only missed one game.
  • Won "Most Valuable Senior" Award from the Jackson Touchdown Club.
  • Received the Sports Network All-American Honorable Mention.
  • Along with Dominique Johnson (covered by Little Nicky), is one of only two SWAC athletes in the combine.


Before his performance at Texas vs. the Nation, he was seen as a 6th-7th round guy.  Afterwards he bumped himself to 4th or 5th.  If he does well at the combine, don't be surprised to see him go early in day two at the top of the third round.


Any takers?  I'll leave you with a quote from his coach:

"Defense is the strength of our football team," Jones said. "We'll go as far Lee Robinson will carry us, as he'll lead us."

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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