Building the "Perfect Team"



For all that care and were not around or just don't know.  The way a team is built is different now than it was when the Dolphins were building the "perfect team".   Or was it?  O.K. ----players were not allowed to move around like they are now, but, there were still plenty of free agents around.  You still had the draft, but it was a lot longer(12 or 13 rounds I think)  So the bottom line is, you still had to scout college and pro players, and even "minor league" players.  With that in mind, I'd like to give you a little info on how the "perfect team" was built and show that it is really not so different now than it was 30 or 40 years ago.  The biggest difference being that the team got to keep the players they developed.  Anyway here goes.

                Keep in mind, I am an amateur and there could be errors.  I did this strictly for fun and in the hope of sparking some interest.

                On the 72 team there were 21 players drafted, some as early as the 1st round, some as late as the 12th round. Here is a partial list of some of the more crucial players

1966 draft            Howard Twilley  12th round  #101

Also in 1966 Norm Evans in the expansion draft

1967 draft            Bob Greise          1st round  #4

                                Larry Seiple         7th round #113

1968 draft

                                Larry Csonka      1st round #9

                                Dick Anderson   3rd round #73

                                Jim Kiick               5th round #118

Also in 1968 Manny Fernandez  a free agent

!969 draft

                                Bill Stanfill            1st round #11

                                Bob Heinz            2nd round #37

                                Mercury Morris 3rd round #63

Also in 1969 there was a trade for Nick Buoniconti and Larry Little

1970 draft

                                Jim Mandich       2nd round#29

                                Tim Foley             3rd round #55

                                Curtis Johnson  4th round #81

                                Jake Scott 7th round #159

                                Mike Kolen 12th round #289

The Dolphins had to give up their 1st draft pick for Don Shula(a pretty good trade)

Also in 1970

                                Marv Fleming   trade from Green Bay

                                Bob Kuchenburg  free agent

                                Jim Langer  free agent

                                Wayne Moore  free agent

                                Garo Yepremian  free agent

                                Paul Warfield in a trade wit Cleveland

1971 draft

                                Vern DenHerder 9th round #230

As you can see there was a lot work over a number of years to put this team together.


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