A look at the Dolphins upcoming playoff run.

The Miami Dolphins kept their season and postseason hopes alive with an incredible win against New England last weekend.  The Fins are now only one game back for the division lead, and suddenly have a real shot to make the playoffs.  Hanging right with the Fins is the Jets, but the Dolphins own the tiebreaker.


Here is the remaining schedules of the threats to win the AFC East...


Dec 13 - Jax Jags

This is the day that could tie these two teams.  Miami will take on a team that is known for being inconsistent.  If the not-so-good Jags show up, then this could be a fairly easy win.  On the other hand, if the very good Jags show up, the tears could flow.  I see Miami using their D, pressuring the QB, and running all day.  This will get them a tough win in Northern Florida.

Dec 20 - TN Titans

The Tennessee V-Youngs are still one of the hottest teams in the league, but are they really that good?  The Fins can shut down Chris Johnson, and VY.  This is a very winnable game...unless Johnson turns this into a track meet...

Dec 27 - Houston Texans

The Texans seem to be the home of the injury bug.  I see this as the easiest game on the Fins' remaining schedule.

Jan 3 - Pittsburg Steelers

This game has playoff implications all over it!  The Fins may NEED a win to get in, the same for the Steelers.  If the Steelers aren't in the playoff hunt, I expect them to roll over in a sense which would be great for the Fins.


New England:

Dec 13 - Carolina Panthers

The Pats are pissed, and possibly on the edge of imploding!  The great veterans of the northeast are now just old guys that can't run, cut, or tackle.  It is killing them.  This is going to be a much closer game than many believe.  The Cats are going to run all day, and unless Tom has a...well...Tom Brady like day...then they will lose.

Dec 20 - Buff Bills

Lets face it, the Bills are terrible....Don't expect an upset here...The Bills already stole their one win of the year from the AFC East...This wont be close.

Dec 27 - Jax Jags

The Roulette Wheel of the league is back again, this time trying to stop New England.  Be careful in this one, it has a trap game sort of feel.  This will be a must win game, and if the Jags are ready to play, they could steal one.

Jan 3 - Houston Texans

This is for all of the marbles.  A win here more than likely solidifies the division title, a loss opens the door for a miraculous Miami season...GO TEXANS, the Fins will need you to win this game.


Dec 13 - Tampa Bay Buccs

Sanchez not playing could be a blessing in disguise...Could be a close game, but one the Jets should win.

Dec 20 - Atlanta Falcons

Dec 27 - Indy Colts

Jan 3 - Cincy Bengals

All three of the final games for the Jets are very tough.  Their D can't stop Peyton Manning, or the running games of the Bengals or Falcons...The Jets aren't going to be in the run for the postseason, because they are not going to win enough of these games.


Making the playoffs is not going to be an easy road by any stretch of the imagination.  Both the Pats and Fins have arguably the same type of schedule.  Both could finish 4-0, or could go 0-4.  It is going to be a great finish to the year.  I am rooting for the Pats to implode and open the door for a second straight division title!


Go Fins!




I hope you guys like this, I usually post at my blog but figured I would share this here.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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