Measuring this decades draft success/fail percent.

I have read some post about how we have failed to have good drafts this decade i have decided to play devils advocate and look at the positive draft pick ups this decade. Majority of people like to look at our failures but i say we also should weigh it against the good pick ups.

Now i am not just going to look at our draftees and measure them by pro bowls and awards, but more of  how they played for us as starters or reserves.

While we haven't exactly had great draft classes this decade we've had solid picks that have contributed for us someway somehow, here a list of some of the players we've drafted. while not all have been great for us some have been good solid starters/backups.

00 rd 5: Arturo Freeman, he played well for us and actually had a good year as a starter for us.

01rd 2: Chris Chambers, while he never was the solution i can be sure many would agree that he was a good receiver that helped us out a bunch, for majority of his time he spent with us he never had a good qb or a constant off.coordinator  and a complimentary #2 receiver yet he made the pro bowl and played exceptional, i am proud to say he is my favorite dolphin player.

01 rd 3: Travis Minor, he played well as a backup when ricky had his monster years with us, never did good as a starter but still was a nice pick.

01 rd 3: Morlon Greenwood, greenwood played well and was a starter for us for a while he was a good olb when Zach Thomas used to be here and he was i believe a great pick up for us.

02 rd 3: Seth McKinney, started for a bit but was mostly a backup

02 rd 4: Randy McMichael, good tightend with flashes of greatness, was never great but a very solid one.

03 rd 6: Yeremiah Bell, i believe to be our best db and a great strong safety, if he had a good free safety  to back him up (like when hill did last yr) he would be a pro bowler year in and year out, last year hill played WAY BETTER THAN WILSON and bell made great play after great play.

04 rd 1: Vernon Carey, has been a good starter never has missed a game, never been great but always been good.

04 rd 6: Rex Hadnot, was a good backup.

05 rd 1: Ronnie Brown, great running back if it wasn't for injuries we would put him in the conversation for best NFL running backs.

05 rd 2: Matt Roth, played well at times and started a full year, "injuries" messed him up this year.

05 rd 3: Channing Crowder, has been good/bad at times but more good than bad, i think he is a better outside lb than in the middle, again he is like Morlon Greenwood who excelled with Z.Thomas in the middle.

06: Jason Allen is a good st player but that's it.

07 rd 1: Ted Ginn Jr.  has had flashes of potential but never consistency, maybe with a true #1 receiver he could be better.

07 rd 2: Samson Satele, started 2 years in a row and played decent.

07 rd 4: Paul Soliai, has been a decent backup.

07 rd 7: Brandon Fields, has been one of the best punters in the AFC during his time with us, has pro bowl written all over him as he continue to play at his level.

08 rd 1: Jake Long, 2 time pro bowler. enough said.

08 rd 2: Phillip Merling, has shown flashes to be good but mostly has been a good backup, all i can say is he intercepted Brett Farve for a touchdown last year.

08 rd 2: Chad Henne, future looks bright for him and looks to be our quarterback answer.

08 rd 3: Kendall Langford, has been a starter for us, while not great he has been solid.

08 rd 6: Donald Thomas, has been a starter this year, seems solid, will improve.

08 rd 6: Lex Hilliard, he is no Ronnie Brown or Patrick Cobbs at that but for our 4th running back he seems like a good option, you never want to play your 4th running back but he might be the best option for any team that has to dig that down for a running back.

09 rd 1: Vontae Davis, rookie with great upside, seems to have "it"

09 rd 2: Sean Smith, another rookie who has been more good than bad this year.

09 rd 4: Brian Hartline, well he has been good for us so far, could probably be our # 2 for years to come.

09 rd 5: Cris Clemons, everyone is high on his speed, seems like a good pick up only the future will tell.

09 rd 6: Andrew Gardner, back up who has played ok.

That gives us 76 players drafted this decade,  and what seems to be 28 good players we have drafted. If you do the math that gives us a 21.8 draft success rate, while not great it seems acceptable. I still think we could have done a better job with our draft management so don't go ahead and burn me for defending our front office, but you have to recognize the good as well as the bad. While there is not any team who has had great draft year in and year out this decade i think we are above the average percentile.

We finished this decade with a record of 79-79 in the regular season and 1-3 in the playoffs for a grand total of 80-82. All i can say is hopefully we have a better decade to come of Miami Dolphins football.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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