draft+free agency+trade=success!

   What variables must Miami plug in to complete the formula? The same thing they’ve been missing for many seasons past….wide receivers! Miami can not contend with the superior teams of the league with a core of Greg Camarillo, Ted Ginn Jr., and Devon Bess. Although, Bess can be in the discussion as one of the best slot receivers in the game, he should not be your leader in receiving yards. And as we all have come to see, Ted Ginn is not the answer that Cam Cameron promised.

   Looking past this season, I do see a fix which can lead to a receiving core that takes Miami straight to the top. I propose this scenario in my fantasy world where the Dolphins draft and sign free agents who’ll make the rest of the league weep:

-The Dolphins have a top 20 pick in the 2010 draft which some analysts speculate will be a defensive player like Brandon Spikes, while most fans would hope they pick Dez Bryant. I would go for Tim Tebow who should be available. Why draft another QB you ask? Tebow might not succeed as a QB in the league but I feel he can certainly transition to the tight end position. Tebow is of similar speed and body type as Indy’s, Dallas Clark and we’ve all seen the fire he plays with (something I feel can be as important as skill).

-With another top pick in the 2nd round in the draft, Miami can take Notre Dame’s Golden Tate who can be compared to Carolina’s Steve Smith. He’s speedy, has great hands, is always a dangerous deep-ball threat and we hope is willing to take hits (like Smith…wow! The guy breaks his arm and still holds onto the ball?).

-With many great free agent receivers available in 2010, Malcolm Floyd seems to me as the smartest option with the size Miami fans have been wanting from a receiver. (He’s pretty fast and agile too.)


   We can’t forget trade options either. Miami has built a good stock of solid offensive lineman that might interest a team like the Arizona Cardinals, especially if they plan on sticking with Leinart as their QB. Package up a deal with a lineman, Lex Hilliard (we don’t need 4 backs; we still have Cobbs under contract and should be healthy for next season), Patrick Turner and some $$$ in exchange for Anquan Boldin.

   Let us imagine an offensive play featuring: Chad Henne under center, a split backfield of Ronnie and Ricky, Boldin and Tate as your 1 and 2 recievers (respectively), and Tebow lined up at tight end. Like a pack of viscous predators, they can smell the terror in the defenses around the league. If that doesn’t put a colgate smile on your face, then let me also point out these strengths. With Miami as the pioneer of the Wildcat offense, this line-up allows you to run the wildcat through: Ronnie, Pat White, Tebow or Boldin (don’t forget he too was a QB in college). Now, combine that with the compliment of Bess at the slot, a pounding Lou Polite, and a speedy Ginn, Miami has an offense that would make Bill Belichick want to coach pee wee football.

   As for Miami’s defense, I can see Vontae Davis and Sean Smith as a young duo reminiscent to Sam Madison and Pat Surtain. The defensive line, in my opinion, is as good as it gets, but I wouldn’t mind the addition of free-agent and brick wall, Vince Wilfork. What Miami can use is a linebacker with the same intensity and strength as Joey Porter, but younger. Shawn Merriman will be available in free agency and he definitely meets Miami’s requirements as a replacement for Porter. It also might not be a bad idea bringing in a safety who can consistently tackle; Gibril Wilson has not earned the 5 year contract Miami granted him.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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