A Decade of Draft Decay


I wanted to make myself feel really terrible so i thought back to all the draft mistakes including trades the dolphins have made this decade (2000-2009) and heres a quick overview. feel free to comment on which moves made u feel worse than others.

2000-1st rd-pick traded to Panthers for (No Idea). I searched o

n internet for 20 mins trying to figure out. please help with this. anyways panthers chose FS Rashard Anderson who was a bust.

          3rd rd-CB Ben Kelly-had 6 career tackles (won superbowl with pats in 2001)

2001-1st rd-Jamar Flectcher-Enough Said

2002-3rd rd- C Seth McKinney- 3rd rd was dolphins first pick i

n draft. Brian Westbrook selected right after McKinney (added bonus Akin Ayodele selected right before McKinney)

2003-2nd rd-LB Eddie Moore-2nd rd was dolphins first pick in draft.  Everyone rips this pick and brings up how the dolphins could of had Anquan Boldin but the funny part is Bruce Nelson, Terry Pierce, Chaun Thompson, and Victor Hobson were the next 4 players selected after Eddie Moore. Hobson is the only one ive heard of.

2005-Traded 2nd rd pick to Eagles for A.J. Feely

           Traded 3rd rd pick to Rams for Lamar Gordon. This trade is hilarious. Lamar Gordon play

ed 2 games for the dolphins and then was hurt. i remember in his 2nd game which was against bengals on prime-time tv (I remember because my dorm roommate was a bengals fan) he had 19 carries for 22 yards. That is absolutely astounding. What hurts even more is than that is that the Rams selected their Franchise Safety Atogwe with that pick.

2006-1st rd-CB Jason Allen-6 ft 1 inches.I didnt know they stacked worthless talent that high.

          -Traded 2nd rd pick to Vikings for CantPepper

2007-1st rd-WR Theodore Ginn. Although he played a huge role in sweeping the jets this year (long TD Bomb on Revis in 1st game and 2 Kick Return TD in 2nd game.) he is definitely not worth being the 9th player selected in draft.

        -2nd rd. QB John Beck-Maybe the most hated of all our deadbeat qb's of the decade


2008 and 2009 drafts are still kinda too early to tell.

I didnt want to judge 4th rd picks and lower because the talent is harder to judge in the later rounds during draft day. u know who the cream of the crop is but its hard to tell whos an average joe and whos not in the later rounds.

I would also like to mention that Gibril Wilson is the worst player i have ever seen wear a dolphins uniform. Words cant describe my hatred against this person. He is pathetic and if he is wearing a dolphins uniform next season then i have no trust or confidence in our organization. The same people who signed Ernest Wilford and Eric Green for huge free agent dollars and subsequently released them need to do the same with Wilson.


Thanks for reading

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