Fishing for News

I am very tempted to just fill this blog post with expletives but then I'll get in trouble, of course then you'll get a few laughs. I do have the bummer version of "America F*&% Yeah" playing in my head right now. *sigh*  On to everything Fins related.


- Post game notes and qoutes.

- The Dolphins  have overcome alot to get this far.

- Transcripts.

- A tribute to the awesomest coach ever.

- Tony Sparano Q and A.

- More Transcripts.



- 20? Ouch. But withe the way we've been playing yeah we do deserve no respect.

- Our sense of urgency is amongst the fallers in TIm Graham's stock watch.

- Potential AFCE ProBrowlers.

- AFCE Bloggers Blitz.

- Who will win on Sunday?

- Fins Vs Steelers Preview. Is an Insider account worth the $$$?


Miami Herald:

- Captain Obvious to the rescue!

- Salguero leaves off one key player in this blog. When Ronnie is healthy is indeed a playmaker, but we still need a go to guy. Whether thats a WR or TE or even a young RB. Yes, I dont want that to happen but I now realize that its a possibility that Ronnie may not be signed.

- The Dolphins have the second highest payroll in the NFL.

- A look at some potential defensive prospects. I would kill for McClain, and I would cut off Nicky's left nut as well.

- Lousaka Polite isnt bothered by ProBowl snub, although he is an alternate.

- This last game will aid Henne, dont forget to check out the video about Crowder. 



- Dave Hyde asks: WR or LB?

- He also lists the top sports stories in South Florida over the past decade.

- Omar Kelly says that we need to play a complete game.

- Mike B takes your questions.

- Channing Crowder is done for the year.

- This was another learning experience for the young robot.

- Which of the banged up Fins are gone for good?

- One of the best safeties in the NFL may not play us this Sunday.

Key Matchups for the upcoming game. 

- These two will be facing each other in the ProBowl for years to come. Maybe one day we can lure Vernon over here? Even though its a pipe dream.

- Jake Grove wants to start, even though he is still working with the second unit.


Palm Beach Post:

- Did we make a mistake by cutting Matt Roth?

- An article on Jake Long making his second straight ProBowl.

- Sparano just cant get enough of workahol.  Remember when the Simpons was consistently funny instead of meh?


Around the Interwebs:

- Dolphins need an X-Factor, No shit says I.

A Requiem For a Valiant Season. Oh well at least we have a bright furture in store for this team.

- Bad offciating costs us the playoffs says this blogger. I wouldnt say that, crappy officating sure helped but they didnt cost us the playoffs.

- Some how we could still make the playoffs, in a ridculously retarded way.

- Cosell breaks down how bad our D played.

- Prisco's Grade? D.

- At least Prisco has us 17th. But the Jets at 11? GTFO They were given a win, they are not that good.

- Miami Dolphins Team Report.

- Banks has us at 18.

- Not Dolphins related but its Miami related, check out this documentery about Miami Northwestern.

- At least someone have Lousaka Polite some love.

- Behold, the All Snubbed Team.

- An old, yet good article about Ricky.

- Vontae Davis once again gets some love from PFW.(under honorable mention)

- VD makes FO's All Rookie Team, congrats Vontae!

- Rise of the Underrated, including former Dolphin Aromashadu.

- Finally FO looks back on our devasating loss.

- Doesnt this just piss you off? I like how Perierra just talks about the rule and neglects to mention that the ref screwed up, Christ what a tool. There is nothing to me that shows any indication that Polite was indeed attempting to leg whip/trip that guy. It looks to me like its just the motion/momemtum of his body as he's falling, and his foot barely brushes up against the guy, got to love how he tries to paint Lousaka as a dirty player "he might get a call from the league". It is insane how these guys treat their ofifcials, as if they could do no wrong and that we  must be stupid if we think otherwise.


What are Dolfans saying?

- The boys at FN were pissed.

- Ahh but the 72 Fins should be happy.

- Phins Spotlight once again recaps the game.

- This post pretty much wraps up what we are nicely.

Defensive Woes Against Top 5 Passing Attacks Have Attributed to Most Losses...


Mock Drafts and other stuff about the draft:

- Walter Football has an updated 3 round mock draft.

- Which underclassmen have declared? Find out here.

- Dolphins mock draft.


Well that wraps up this week's edition of Fishing for News, I would have posted this yesterday but I had some internet trouble. Anyway I  wish you all a Happy New Year, stay safe tonight and dont do anything or anyone that I wouldnt do.

Oh and Congrats Lefty, I am your beyatach.

Am I forgetting something?  Oh right, Boobs.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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