My Game Experience: Week 16 vs. Texans

Well, you all know how the game went...terrible first half doomed us, second half was somewhat exciting, some spotty calls KILLED us and ultimately decided the game for us...but on too my gameday experience

I have been to many many games over the years, but they have become few and far between since i started college, but I cannot remember being as pumped to go to a regular season game as I was for this one...started this morning waking up and going to breakfast with my dad...I had the breakfast of champions: corned beef omelet, home fries, and a bagel at this deli by my house...then back home to get dressed...i get home around 10:15 and get dressed quickly and start getting on my mom's case to get ready (she has this problem with getting to places early) after much aggravation and hurrying her up, we finally leave at 11:30...luckily i live about 15 minutes from the stadium so we will get there in plenty of time (we weren't tailgating)...we get to the stadium, park and meet up with one of my buddies that I grew up with and our dads actually used to split season tickets until we left for college...We go to watch Cheap Trick perform in the "Fin Zone" which was not bad, and saw a bunch of people I knew, it was awesome...atmosphere was much different than what i was used to, it had too much of a carnival feel, i had a hard time adjusting to it lol, i'm not used to it...finally time to go into the stadium...we present our tickets, get patted down (i swear the guy that patted me down was gay and into me), and go up the escalators to the Club Level...we get off the escalators and I am in heaven, this place is fucking i have been in there a few times for Marlins games, and like 2 or 3 Dolphins games, but not since they renovated it, and OMG IT IS INCREDIBLE (sry i forgot to take pix of it, if i go to the game next week, i will remember to hopefully), flat screens EVERYWHERE (yes, even in the bathroom), bathroom attendants (which I HATE, makes me feel sooo uncomfortable), incredible food, just an overall AWESOME experience...then it's too the seats (which I have pix from the seats) which were awesome...sat next to this HILARIOUS French guy who was cracking jokes the whole time, this pretty cool guy who had that mobile tv (which i have never seen before and thought it was the STUPIDEST idea ever, but it did come in handy a few times when we needed to see a replay), and this DRUNK ASS grl, which was very entertaining to watch (i actually hooked up with her inside at halftime)...pregame was sick, everyone was jacked up and going ape shit, they had this sick guitarist do the national anthem...then the game started, and well you all know how that went, especially the first half, never have I heard booing that loud at that stadium before (i didn't go to any of the games the year we went 1-15) it was BAD, i guess people were frustrated with the way we started in a game that meant sooo much and it was very hard to watch (idk how the booing sounded on tv, did it sound bad?), finally the first half ended, went to grab something to eat and drink and take a leak lol...then back to the seats for the second half, which was much more exciting, and of course filled with more booing, but this time directed towards the refs instead of the was a pretty rough and emotionally draining game, went through both extremes today...if you have any questions about my experiences, feel free to ask...


oh and I REMEMBERED MY CAMERA...............

.........but i forgot to take pix =(





(first time i saw the Britto, didn't really like it, but it is very South Florida so i guess it works, but I had a hard time getting over it)





(Cheap Trick)



(for all of you in I have no idea who that guy is, he just got in the way of my shot lol)



(my mom is terrible at taking pix, but this is the view from our seats)





These are all the pix i am going to post on here, otherwise it will take way too long for the post to load...but if you guys want to see more pix i posted it on photobucket...

click here for the link






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