Week 16: Perfections, Predictions, and Playoffs

There are two weeks left in the NFL season. It has been a great on, and we are amidst a sprint to the finish. Week 16 is going to break some hearts, make some dreams come true, and make many more cry. There are several huge stories around the league, I feel inclined to give my thoughts.


As a Fins fan, this season has been one full of ups and downs.  The largest up could be the rise of the future (Chad Henne).  The farthest fall has to be the implosion of top ten draft pick Ted Ginn Jr.  The playoffs are not out of reach, but the team does need some help.  Matty broke down the playoff scenario in detail here.


While prepping for today's action, I put together my thoughts on the NFL week as a whole including my take on predictions, perfection, and the playoffs.


Perfection:  While I don’t feel the 72 Fins are the best team ever, thanks to a Super Bowl loss, they are STILL the only team to ever win out.  That being said, I am a huge Peyton Manning fan.  I feel that when he hangs up his cleats he will be known as the greatest ever. I would give anything to have that guy in South Beach!  If anyone goes undefeated I would be ok if was this guy.

I would not be surprised if the Colts pushed for history and tried to go undefeated.  While Manning is great, their D is what will help them win or cause them to lose.  Manning is good for three scores a game, throw in a few field goals, that is roughly 27 points.

If they can’t keep their opponents under this mark, then they are in trouble.  They finish off the year against the Jets and Bills.  The worst teams in the AFC East, and ones that should not give the Indianapolis Mannings any trouble.

Playoffs:  The playoffs are right around the corner.  Teams such as the Dolphins, Cowboys, Ravens, and Giants are all dreaming of the post season but they all won’t be around in three weeks.  This is what makes or breaks seasons. 

This is the make up for some great games today!  Pay close attention to the winners and losers this week.  The Cowboys and Fins could be on the outside looking in if they lose this week.

Picks:  Here are my picks this week.  I am going head to head, not looking at gambling lines, that is for David .

Bills vs. Falcons:

This game is going to be a lot close than a lot of fans think.  Neither of these teams will be playing in the postseason, and the Bills have looked solid at times in the past few weeks.   I would not be surprised if the Bills stole one here in the Georgia Dome.

Chiefs vs. Bengals:

Cincy is still playing with heavy hearts.  As long as they don’t have a dump of emotion they should win this one easily as they make a push for the playoffs.  The Chiefs now understand that they did not get the next Tom Brady from New England, but are making improvements and will not be terrible forever.  Unlike the Raiders.

Raiders vs. Browns:

Two of the worst teams in the NFL…  This one l be fun for fans of both teams, but I expect the Browns to get it done at home.  How is it that Urban Meyer has chest pains when he is winning, but Al Davis is healthy?  The Browns will have D. Anderson behind center, and he will be slinging it all around.  Don't expect a perfect day, but don't be surprised if he connects on a big play or two that is the difference in this game.

Seahawks vs. Packers:

The Pack have to win.  Brett Favre is not coming back, but their QB is not too shabby.  Rodgers needs to stop getting hit, and when they get it figured out this team will be tough.  If they make the playoffs they can beat anyone.  That being said their O line issues also make them vulnerable to a devastating loss, for example to the Seahawks.  Watch out, I am picking the hawks.  A loss for Green bay really hurts their chance to make the playoffs.  People will be very upset in cheese head country if they have to sit and watch a Brett Favre led team play in the post season.

Texans vs. Dolphins:

The Dolphins have never beat the Texans.  Never-ever.  If they are going to make a postseason push they have to win out and need help!  They have had trouble closing out games and have had the leagues best on their heels.  I see the Fins winning this one behind their defense, in a very slow time of possession game.  Watch out for Henne to have another solid day.  He is improving before our eyes, and the rushing game has stayed solid even with the key injury to Ronnie Brown.  The Fins will pressure Schaub and force him to make a few very bad decision resulting in a Dolphin win.

Jags vs. Pats:

The Pats are a dangerous team.  They have Mr. Brady at the helm, and when he is on they are unbeatable.  Luckily for the rest of the league, their D is old.  I don’t think the Jags can score enough to stay in this game, I expect this Pats to win this one by double digits.

Buccs vs. Saints:

The Saints have their blemish, now they can get back to destroying teams.  The Buccs are bad…This one wont be close.

Panthers vs. Giants:

Have the Giants got things figured out?  Maybe, but the Cardiac Cats will be ready.  This one could be the closest game of the week.  This one will make Cowboy fans smile, the Panthers will win this one behind their running game.

Ravens vs. Steelers:

The Steelers are still playing without their Madden Curse laden Troy P.  That being said, their D is now average.  Big Ben will be a gunslinger and lead this team to another key win.  Is picking the Steelers over the Ravens truly an upset?  This year it sure is.

Rams vs. Cardinals:

Watch out for a breakout game from A. Boldin.  This one won’t be close as the Cards pass their way to victory.

Lions vs. Niners:

Niners behind their D

Jets vs. Colts:

Colts with Manning sitting in the second half.  The Jets will pressure early, but if I knows that so do the Colts.  The Jets will look to blitz the weakside backers, leaving one on one coverage for Reggie Wayne.  That spells trouble.  Once they stop blitzing because they are getting burned, Peyton will stand back and pick them a part.

Broncos vs. Eagles:

Eagles behind a huge 400 yard passing day of Mcnabb.

Cowboys vs. Redskins:

Everyone is pointing out that the Boys won last week against an undefeated team.  They are also saying that this is a very losable game for them…  The Skins can’t score.  Win for the Boys.

That is it.  My week 16 picks.  I want to hear your thougths!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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