Thoughts on everything

I am depressed. I still can't believe that of all teams, our potential season-ending loss would come from the Bills. HOW DO YOU LOSE TO THE BILLS? Anyway, here are some things that I have been thinking:

HENNE: I'm not worried about Chad, he is practically a rookie QB, with no one to throw to, and a bruised up O-line, in fact, I thought Henne looked quite good against Buffalo. He made many accurate throws, many of which were dropped, but when we learn how to catch a football, that will help alot. Also, I like the way he is playing, smart, conservative football. Although I would like to see him play a little more aggressively, he is pretty much a rookie, so that will change over time, and getting a big name WR would help, too.

TEDDY: Now we officially have no use for Teddy Ginn. He forgot how to return kicks, and continues to drop passes. I think he will be a very valuable trade next year, a lot of teams need a kick returner. And Where to replace him? NFL Draft. I think this should be Ginn's last year in Miami, I want him to do well, I really do, but it has gotten to a point where his is beginning to hinder this football team. And who knows, maybe if he has a fresh start, in a new town, with a real #1 receiver at his side, he can do better. Besides, we give him way too much crap.

THE REST OF OUR WIDEOUTS: I think our starters should be Hartline and Camarillo. Even though I think that Bess is our best receiver (no pun intended), he is more of a slot and screen guy, not a number 1 receiver. With that said, I do think we should have him in almost every down, though because he runs great routes, and is really good at getting YACs (yards after the catch). Now, back to our starters. I don't know why we barely use Greg Camarillo. He has some of the best hands that I have ever seen. In this three years with the Dolphins, I have never seen him drop one catchable ball. He and Bess are great for converting on 3rd downs. Bess because he gets open and catches it, and Cam cuz when he is open, you KNOW he will catch it. The reason that I think Hartline should start is because he is showing more and more talent every week. I love that heads-up play he had in the Bills game, having the presence of mind to try to get those extra yards, in case he wasn't ruled down yet. I really see a lot of potential in him. The only problem that we have with this scheme (with the staff that we have), is that we don't have a deep threat, and that is the ONLY REASON why Ted Ginn should EVER be on the field, to just go long, and attract defenders downfield and make space for our other receivers. But in the upcoming draft/offseason, we need to get Ginn out, and someone else that is equally a deep threat, in.

FASANO: Although Anthony Fasano did do very well on Sunday, I am still not sold that he is the same Fasano that we saw last year. He needs to prove to me, somehow, that he isn't the sloppy TE that we saw the 1st half of the season. He still needs to prove to me that he can be a consistent, reliable target for Mr. Henne. Until then, I am still a little worried about what we are going to do about our TEs.

R &L Express: I'm lovin' Ricky. He looks great, and younger than ever. However, he ISN'T. He is still 32 years old, and I don't think we should have run him so many times in the 1st half, you are gonna wear him down. Besides, I wanna see Lexy a little more. He is a playmaker, I think they should be splitting snaps instead of like 85-15, it should be like 60-40 with Ricky getting it that 60% of the time.

OFFENSIVE LINE: I still have faith in our O-line. They are banged up and are still protecting Henne fairly well. We have a nice, young group of guys that I feel are among the league's best.

DEFENSIVE LINE: We, without Ferguson, are still a great run-stopping defense. And its not because of our LBs, its because we have a great, young defensive line. Even though we do have much room for improvement, we don't have a veteran to lead the group. I think we have a good group that just needs a leader, like Ferguson.

LBs: Our LB problem is not as bad as it appears. They are a bunch of pass-rushing, run-stopping monsters; the problem is that they are quite terrible at coverage. Pretty soon we won't have Peezy and JT anymore, but we do have two diamonds in the rough: Charlie Anderson and Cameron Wake. I like these two and they could quite possibly be our LBs for a very long time. As for our MLBs, we should be drafting some this year, Channing Crowder isn't really that good, he could be a pretty good trade, though. Akin Ayodele is pretty solid, but he isn't getting any younger.

SECONDARY: I'm still optimistic about our CBs, Vontae and Shawn. They continue to impress me, and although they do make rookie mistakes, well I guess thats why they are called rookies. They both have much potential and can very well be a force to be reckoned with for many years to come. As for our safeties, Gibril Wilson has to go. I don't like him at all. He gets beat down field, misses tackles, he is just a sloppy player. As for Bell, I like him, but, again, he isn't getting any younger. Also, I like Nate Jones. He has solid coverage, very solid tackler, great awareness of where he is, the receiver, the QB, and the ball.

PLAY CALLING: This is becoming a headache already, we need to do SOMETHING about this play calling if we wanna be a successful team in the future.

PLAYOFFS?: Possible, but improbable. isn't counting us out just yet, but I do have my doubts.


- Did anyone see Vince Young face off 'zona? I'm growing on that guy. Originally, I didn't really like him, but he continues to impress me.

- Drew Brees is a baller.

- 4th and three. You think that by now that Bellicheat would have learned his lesson, lol.

- We still have two undefeated teams, both of which we could have beaten.... That really sucks.


Alright, to wrap things up, I just wanna say that although this season wasn't as successful as we all might have hoped, the future seems very bright for our Miami Dolphins.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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