3 Up & 3 Down Against the Pats

The season is already a success!!!!!

The Dolphins have handed Joba DaRyan two loses these season and from now on regardless of win or lose you can't wipe the smile off my face for this season.   While I'm hoping for playoffs (a win this weekend puts us only one game behind the Pats) it may just turn out to be a 8-8 season or 12-4 but who knows ... I'm OK with it now that JESTs chances going down due to our two wins over them.  Now don't get me wrong I want to win every single game and get just as angry about the blown wins and missed opportunities this season but to beat the Jets twice in one season makes it successful PERIOD hahaha.


With that being said I wanted to go over what I thought were the top 3 things going good and bad for the Dolphins in the upcoming crucial game against the Pats.


3 UP

1. The Defense Showing Up - it finally showed up at the end of the game when it needed too.  To me this is a huge thing moving on during the season.  I'm not going to go into this too much as we all know the whore stories of the Colts, Saints and what was almost another disaster in the first Jets game (thank you offense for the bailout).  Sometimes a small victory for the Defense like this will get a team straightened out for the long haul ... I F!#%%^ HOPE SO!!! as I don't think my heart can take another second half that we have had for the past three games. 




Hoping to see some more of this again on Sunday!!!!  Brings tears to my eyes.


2. Ted Ginn Jr. -  a whipping boy since Day 1 as a Dolphin he has finally showed what he can bring to the table in the return game.  I like what I'm hearing from Dolphins camp as he can still work his way back on the starting lineup.

"Anyone of these guys can get out of where they are by being consistent on the practice field... Consistency isn't one day, two days. I need to see it for awhile," Sparano said.

Two runs isn't going to change a thing and I agree with Tony on this one.  He has been great already this season in the first game against the Jets with the long bomb catch and followed that up with the worst game of his career against the Saints.  Keep working hard Teddy and us fans and "your family" will be proud of you once you are running past DB's on a regular basis as a starting #1 WR. 


3. Pats Rush Defense - Matty already touched on this subject so take a look.   My eyes see these stats and numbers and see a great day for the R& R Express.  Our strength on Offense v. there weakness on Defense ... I'll take it on any given Sunday.





I missed you last week Ronnie!!!!


3 Down

1. The BYE Week - this will give the Pats more time to relax and be ready for the Dolphins whom I'm sure they have been waiting to play at home since last years embarrassment.  Gillette Stadium is never an easy place to play in the first place.  The Patriots have won there last 6 games following a BYE week ... not a statistic I like to see.

2.  NE Pass Game V. Miami Secondary - this is also gone over in Matty's article. I'm hoping that our offense can keep the ball similar to the Colts game and that will limit the amount of chances Brady has.  The other thing that I am losing sleep over is Sean Smith trying to tackle Wes Welker in open space ... this is something I hope I don't see to often on Sunday.  Overall this may turnout better than the numbers show as like last year the secondary took time to gel so I'm crossing my fingers for the same scenario.

3. A)Turnovers - Devon Bess, Anthony Fasano and Chad Henne please do not turnover the ball ... I repeat do not turnover the football.  While Henne has been good compared to the other two I thought I would throw him in there due to the play of New England's secondary the past couple games.  Bess and Fasano have had problems all year so if they can have a clean game I like our chances. 


3.B) Preferential Treatment - Let's also hope Tom doesn't get the preferential treatment as well. He has had 6 Roughing the Passer fouls called for him this season and about half of those were very questionable.  Let's put it this way ... Even his teammates are calling him out "Take Your Skirt Off Tom" by none other than Rodney Harrision haha


To end it off I think this is a very winnable game that will be decided in the fourth quarter .. let's just hope the defense from the last three minutes in the forth of the last game.  Also I just picked up a new Joey Porter White with a hat to match just in time for the game .. can't wait til Sunday!!!


LET'S GO DOLPHINS !!!!!!!!!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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