Refreshed Rivalry and Bright Future ahead

   We all saw something today people, we all saw our playoff chances pretty much vanish right there. What we also saw was the start of a longtime rivalry. The Dolphins vs Bills rivalry was considered dead by many people and so did I, but what we found out today is that this rivalry is more ON then ever. I mean this was the same team they kept us out of the playoffs when Dan (the man) Marino was playing. This was the same team that dominated the AFC East for 4 straight years while reaching the Superbowl every one of those years. Of course they lost but this team was the powerhouse of the AFC East much like the Patriots are this decade. Of course the Bills have been struggling this decade and so have the Dolphins, but many people today forgot how much harder it is to win a Rivalry game while hitting the road. Unfortunately the Dolphins lost in a game in which they were considered to be heavily favored. What we did wrong today was underestimate the Bills as an easy win and it came back and bit us in the ass. EX: Ricky throwing a pass when 4 yards away from pay dirt, Why would we do High Risk/ High Reward plays to a division rival? Especially when your 4 yards away from a TD? Someone before posted a fan post about not underestimating the Bills and wasn't he dam right.

   So most are probrably Angry, Sad, Suicidal, or Terrified right now, I for some strange reason remain calm, i do this for 1) i wasn't expecting the Dolphins to go to playoffs this year no matter how optimistic i remained, in my mind i knew we had to look toward next year; one reason being we have a second year QB (pretty  much a rookie) with really no help in the receiving corps and rookies all over the field with key injuries. That only spells trouble. Another reason is being we are only in year 2 of the rebuilding process and I for one am satisfied from what I've seen. I mean we have a very bright future ahead of us guys, we have a very smart and talented QB who today reminded us he is pretty much a rookie, we have two future pro bowlers at CB, A monster in the pass rushing department and smash mouth offensive and Defensive line.  We also have the biggest need to win a Superbowl: A great front office.  So what is the morale here: that sometimes in order for things to get better they have to get worst somewhere. the worst part was that we missed playoffs, how are things going to get better you may ask? The development of our young players in which they are guaranteed to make us happy for a long time. Also the excellent choices our FO makes when it comes to Drafts and Free agency. So i write hear today and ask all of you Miami Dolphin fans to keep your head up and say to yourself: LET'S GO MIAMI DOLPHINS!!   






It could be worst we could have sausage chugging Sanchez on our team



I for one do not think it was Henne's fault for at least 2 of those INT's today it's hard to be accurate when your constantly getting hit. and last but not least 


  Thanks For Reading!! Keep Your Heads Up 



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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