"Wake is sick, man, just sick."

From the Sun-Sentinel guest Blogger Joe W.

    C. Wake – 1 tackle, 0 sacks – I’m sorry, but Wake is just “sick”.

He didn’t have any stats in game, but just about every time he was on the field he was abusing Jeff Otah.

  • The 1st Porter sack should have been a half a sack with the other half being Wake’s.
  • The interception was when Wake was pressuring Delhomme.
  • The Starks sack, Wake was on top of Delhomme again.
  • The 2nd to last drive Carolina was driving down the field until it got to the 30 and then Miami put Wake in the game. Wake was on top of Delhomme again. Drive stalled.
  • The last drive Carolina was again driving down the field no problem. They put Wake in the game for the final play and he was on top of Delhomme again. Imcomplete.
  • The right tackle for Carolina should have been called for holding against Wake at least 5 times in this game. And if I’m him, I’m going to start complaining to the refs so I get that call more often.
  • There were times Otah had a bear hug on him and it wasn’t called.

If you remember back in training camp the coaches put a buzzer for our QB’s to get rid of the ball. It went off after 3 seconds. Well, in the NFL, elite pass rushers can get to the QB in 3 seconds. Right now, the only OLB we have that can do that is Wake. And this coaching staff needs to get him on the field every single passing down they can possibly spare. If he played more snaps, even in a reserve role, he could have 10 sacks this year. It’s kind of a little scary what he’s going to do when he actually gets to play full time. Has Parcells found his next LT? DeMarcus Ware? I think so.

Wake is sick, man, just sick."

There is more to football than a game stat line. Much more.

Looks like we've found a gem in Cam Wake. Please let him play more. MUCH MORE.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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