I know it's early but let's talk PLAYOFFS!!!!

While we have finally reached that time of year when playoffs can be brought up ... is it too early? sure it is but it never hurts to dream a little!! 

To make the playoffs we would have to probably go 5-1 down the stretch which is no easy task but still very possible.  The benefit is that we have a great schedule in trying to make the playoffs as we play a few teams that are ahead of us in the standings which factors in two ways ... those being 1. we don't have to hope for other teams to beat them .. we control our destiny in a small way.  2. if we beat them we also have the tiebreaker in the WC spot. 

I'm going to breakdown the records and show the chances so we know what games are important each week.  I am also going to make the assumption that we go 5-1 down the stretch aswell that the lose is either against the Pats or Titans lol

Today's standings has 5 teams ahead of us in the Wild Card Standings (top 2 getting the spots) those current teams are:

  1. Steelers 6-4 *
  2. Jags 6-4 *
  3. Broncos 6-4
  4. Texans 5-4 *
  5. Ravens 5-5
  6. Dolphins 5-5

*teams Dolphins still play

As pointed out before we play the Steelers, Jags and Texans still so victories in those games would be important for things to go our way. 

Looking at the other teams schedules:

Steelers - even with the lose to KC they still have a great shot at the playoffs.  They have the easiest schedule of all teams.  There toughest games will be the two against the Ravens, the Packers and the finally against the Phins.  A split with the Ravens and a loss to either the Packers or the phins would give them the same record and the Dolphins the tiebreaker.  

Jags - most important game will be the head-to-head match as this will even the records.  If that happens we would still be allowd one loss if the Jags dropped one to either the Colts, Pats, Texans,  or 49ers which is very possible if not probable. 

Broncos - they have a tough road ahead of them with games still against the Colts, Eagles and Giants.  They have to win one of these games to stay in the playoff race. The only problem is that the Dolphins do not play the Broncos and they have shown they can beat good teams as they did earlier this season ... they control there fate although it will be a very tough road ahead. 

Texans - they have what maybe the best path to the playoffs.  If they beat there division they are basically in the playoffs .. if they lose one that will give the Dolphins some room (being able to lose a game) there toughest challenge will be the Colts and the Patriots who they play in the last week. 

Ravens - they have two tough games against the Steelers and if they can win one of those games they have a really good shot as there next toughest opp. is the Packers.  They finish off with easy games against the Lions, Raiders, and Bears.  It will either be the Steelers or Ravens taking one spot that is for sure. 


Please notice that I didn't make mention to winning the AFC East Title.  The main reason is that we can not control our destiny to winning this as we will need lots of help to achieve this feat again.  While we still do need help to make the playoffs the odds IMO are greater for a WC berth than a Division title.  If and that is a big IF the Pats lose to both us and the Saints we would still have to probably win out to make this possible as the Pats schedule is much easier with only two tough games down the stretch against the Jags and Texans.  Can it happen?  I hope so but right now my main concern is focusing on what is more probable lol

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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