2009 Game Balls Week 8

What a game!  Like we all said after the Monday Night game, this rivalry may (finally) be back to the classics we all remember.  After a 3-3 halftime score, a switch was flipped and suddenly there was more traffic in the endzone than trash talking quotes coming out of New Jersey.

What a game.

So, with today's second game balls post, here are Week 8's award winners.

1-yard Game Ball: Brandon Fields.  Fields punted the ball seven times, averaging 51.7 yards per kick.  I know he's merely a punter, and seven kicks says somethign about the offense's ineptness (especially in the first half), but he deserves something.  His blasts, to include a 66-yarder, gave the Jets much poorer field position than they were expecting.  And, when you look at the fact that Steven Weatherford, the Jets' punter, also had 7 kicks for only a 36.3 average and a long of 47-yards, Fields was pretty impressive.

2-yard Game Ball: Joey Haynos.  NAYYYYYGGGGOOOOORRRRR! Haynos gets these two yards simply for being the only offensive player to score a touchdown this week.  It was nice to see the big guy getting into the endzone.

3-yard Game Ball: Randy Starks.  Starks seemed to be everywhere today.  He finished the game tied for the team lead with seven tackles and one sack.  Starks was huge today.

4-yard Game Ball: Jason Taylor.  I really debated back and forth between putting JT at the 3-yard spot and Starks here, or the way I put them.  I went with this order, simply because JT leads all defensive lineman since 1970 with nine touchdowns.  Okay, technically he is a linebacker now, but still.  His ninth touchdown.  That's impressive.  His touchdown this time came on a 48-yard fumble recovery when Shonn Green laid the ball on the turf thanks to a great play by Paul Soliai (who had six tackles and one pass defense of his own, by the way).

5-yard Game Ball: Is there any doubt here?  The man who won this game for the Dolphins.  The man who has been hated for so long.  The man who was benched this week after dropping pass after pass this year.  None other than Ted Ginn, Jr.  He (and his family) finally got his first NFL kick-off return for a touchdown in the third quarter.  Oh, and he wasn't done.  After a 100-yard kickoff return for the touchdown, seven minutes later, he did it again, this time for 101-yards.  With 299 return yards, Ginn amassed the second most return yards in a single game in NFL history (304 for the New Orleans Saints' Tyrone Highes in 1994).  The Ginnja showed that nickname.  Mach 19 definetly showed how he earned that nickname too.  I think the biggest part oof this NFL record tying performance (two return TDs in a game) however, was the simple look of joy on Ginn's face, and on that of his teammates.  Everyone looked ecstatic that Teddy did what he did, after all of the harship he has had over the last week.  Great job, Teddy. 

 Sack: Okay, I am going to be nit-picky on this one.  It's also only going to be a 1-yard sack.  It goes to Chad Henne.  It just seemed like every time he got blitzed, he would run backwards.  I know the line couldn't pick up all the blitzers, but don't run backward.  A couple of those, he could have still made the pass to a wide open check down, but he ran backwards instead.  Like I said, nit-picky.  Just don't run backwards.

Well, I am off tomorrow morning to spend another week conducting some training.  Look for my Perspectives sometime near the end of the week.

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