The Chill Pill: Oddities And Observations

Well people,  i got bored and now im writing a Chill Pill.  Yeah.  Deal with it.  I can't help but notice lately that the number 13 is popping up alot.   As MainePhinFan pointed out in his post,  we have had 13 QB's try to take the starting spot in Miami since Marino left.   Once Henne took the reigns,  with 13 games to go,  we won our first game of the season bringing our record to 1-3.  Hmmmm.  Henne's first pass attempt in sundays game,  which was not caught by Ted Ginn jr would have been a 13 yard completion had Ginn Turned around exactly 13 yards from the line of scrimmage, rather than 14.   Think im crazy?  Go watch it,  dont worry,  i'll wait. 

Im not gonna make this post one big conspiracy theory,  but im telling you, something is brewing.  Its even gotten to our LB's.  Cameron wake,  number 91 got 3 sacks sunday.  9+1+3=me freakin out.   Maybe its the PTSD kicking in.   Some things even medicine cant help.  Is there a psycologist in the building??   Ok,  no more of that. 

I do have some observations from the game believe it or not.  I know everyone is happy that we won,  me included.  But what i noticed while watching this game is that our pass D is STILL suspect.  What?  Whats that you say?  "But Medic,  Vontae Davis had a pick 6,  and we contained T.O."   Yeah well, those things did happen.  You know what else was happening?  Trent Edwards was taking snaps for Buffalo.  The dude is hot garbage.  Yes VD jumped the route well,  and im freakin stoked he got his first career TD.   It seemed like when Edwards actually put the ball where it needed to be,  our defenders werent there with it.   Most of those plays where Sean Smith was doing his little celebration after an Inc. pass i was wishing he wouldn't.  Those balls were being thrown behind,  over,  and all around buffalo recievers.  So to our pass D i say this:  Thank Trent Edwards for helping you shine on sunday,  and dont forget the lessons taught to you by Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers. 

The Wide Reciever position is still a glaring weakness in Aqua and Orange land.  I saw at least 2 passes in Sundays game that Henne put in a spot only his recievers could get to.  Unfortunately,  they just couldnt make the catch.  I think with a big time reciever,  Henne's numbers would skyrocket.   In my opinion we have 3 recievers on the roster right now that are better than Ted Ginn.  Camarillo,  Bess and Hartline. 

Bess.   Im tired of hearing people say that Bess is too little or too slow.  Bess is a playmaker.  He's a tough S.O.B.  He gets YAC.  He is always looking to turn upfield.  He breaks tackles.  He has a great sense of presence.  He is the guy to throw the ball to when you need to get out of bounds during a 2 minute drill. 

Camarillo.   What can you say about Cam that hasnt been said about any great porn star?   When you get tired of hitting him from the front,  just hit him in the ass.  Ok, maybe that was overboard but you know what im saying right?  right??  Cam is a brain, he's smart enough to make up for some of his physical short commings.  Not to mention he has what Ginn doesnt,  toughness.  Remember this team is all about toughness.  How did Ginn slide through the cracks?   Maybe they should make him hold Jake Grove's pocket during practice.  

Hartline.   Maybe judgement on Hartline is premature.  He seems to have alot of the good qualities of Camarillo.  The biggest upside for him at this point is the fact that he and Henne know each other quite well.  I think we are going to be hearing alot of "Henne to Hartline"  for the rest of the season.  The Double H connection.  Sounds good doesnt it?

Im really happy with Chad Henne so far.  He seemed much more comfortable against the Bills than he did against the Chargers.  Although he took a few sacks,  he didnt turn the ball over.  He fell on it and protected it.  Heads up plays.  Yeah he probably got lucky on those 2 stripped balls,  but the end result was no turnovers.  Ill take it.  He looks versatile.  He can throw a pass smothered in hot mustard,  but he also has finesse.  The TD pass to Hartline was like butter.  I might even be inclined to say that it was Pennington-esque.  I said a few times that we need to surgically transplant CP10's brain into Henne's body.  It looks like the tranformation is taking place.

Im not even going to say anything about our running game.  The R&R express has said it all on the field.

So where are we right now?  We are at 1-3.  Lets not get over excited.  Lets not start pinning all kinds of unrealistic expectations back on our team.   As much as we hate the Jets,  they are still a tough opponent.  We have to give them everything we got on Monday night.  The biggest factor in the upcomming game will be (brace yourself) Mark Sanchez.  If the Dolphins D can play tough again,  hit Snachez in the mouth and force rookie mistakes out of him,  we'll be in very good shape.  We gotta stick to the game plan.  Control the T.O.P.  Run the ball unmercifully.  Stop the run.  We have been doing all these things,  unfortunately the scores in our first 3 games did not reflect it.  TS and the FO still know what they are doing.  The formula is the right one.  Lets sit back,  relax and get ready for another MNF in landshark stadium!!!

 Side note:  I know i didnt make any medical references in this Chill Pill.  What?  Do you wanna fight about it??

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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