The Offense: Wildcat Adjustments?

The Wildcat could have been the secret weapon to pull off an upset against a potent Saints offense by burning TOP and wearing out the Saints D. The Saints corner blitzed it (and Fasano/receivers dropping passes that failed to convert 3rd downs didn't help).

Is the Wildcat solved?

Are there adjustments that can be made which will make the Wildcat dangerous again?

Is Miami's base offense good enough to stand alone (assuming Hartline for Ginn brings some explosiveness in the pass game OR Turner active???)?

Here are some thoughts from Greg Cosell's Coaching Tape on the Saints game.

  1. Dolphins initial use of the “Wildcat” in this game had Henne on the field split wide outside the numbers; Also it was evident that FS Sharper stayed deep to guard against a possible pass by Brown
  2. On the first 3 snaps Henne was not in the game in the “Wildcat”, the Saints attacked with both corners blitzing; The corner to the side that Williams went in motion was especially aggressive, since he had safety help  – It was an effective tactic
  3. Dolphins clearly had more success running out of the “Wildcat” when Henne was on the field split wide, The Saints did not corner blitz with Henne on the field
  4. SS Harper very effective as an add-in defender in the run game, Attacks downhill with aggression and control
  5. Saints really picked up their blitz frequency in the second half, and the Dolphins did not handle it well
  6. Dolphins very limited offense out of conventional sets, both run and pass; They really struggle to run the ball with Henne under center, and their pass game features an inexperienced QB behind an average pass protecting OL and an average group of receivers – Without deception, the Dolphins has very little
  7. Saints blitzed the “Wildcat” with Henne on the field for the first time in third quarter on a 3rd + 2, and they stopped Brown for 1 yd
  8. Dolphins still clearly protecting Henne, A very limited passing game
  9. The “Wildcat” breakdown: 16-35, 2.2 yds per play – The “Wildcat” was not a significant factor in this game

If they fired Dan Henning now and hired you, what would you do?

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