Trifecta, are you effing serious?


Profootball talk is reporting that Ted Ginn's playing time will be seriously reduced by the coaching staff.

But what caught my attention was this: 

"Mort also said that, if the trade deadline were tomorrow instead of last Tuesday, the Dolphins would be dialing up the Ravens and offering Ginn to the team whose offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron, drafted Ginn in 2007 with the ninth overall pick."


This means that unlike 99% of this site's most knowledgeable members, the people in charge of making decisions on the Dolphins building did think Ginn's "impressive" game against the Jets was finally his "breakout" as an NFL receiver. 

First of all, we already knew he has that speed so it didn't come as a surprise that he beat Revis on what basically was  a 100 meter race type of effort. Thus, this didn't make anything to bring confidence about his development as a true NFL receiver. Being a go to guy, route running, confidence, wanting the ball, being clutch, effectiveness on short and medium situations, going up the middle, taking hits, etc... Still, some people wanted to crown him for that one good catch, but overall everybody remained skeptical reasonably enough. 

However, what really gets me, is these guys' (I refuse to call the "trifecta" anymore) inability to see that Ginn is just not an NFL receiver. All training camp every single person that writes about the dolphins and the coaching staff decided to hype up Ginn like it was the second coming. Sparano saying he was being "dominant" (I think about it and I feel humiliated). The season came around and Ginn was still the same scared player running around being a complete non factor. Then, a couple of weeks later everybody seemed to agree that that ship had sailed. Even if there was one  big catch here or there, Ginn was not a number one wide receiver, plain and simple. Everybody knew this by know, that is why nobody was impressed by Ginn's catch against the Jets. Same old Ginn, disappeared all game long being a non factor. Well, it seems that not everybody felt that way. Apparently the Front Office and the coaching staff were dumbfounded by Ginn's super duper impressive outing against the Jets. 

So it's as easy as this. Yesterday Ginn had another bad game as a Dolphin. Nobody was surprised or bewildered because we have seen this guy play for nearly 3 years now and we know that he just can't play. He was the same Ginn from 1 week ago, from 2, 3 or 4. Same old Ginn. So you are telling me that it took yesterday's game for Parcells  and the other two to figure out that Ginn can't play? By Mortensen's comments, who is really close to Parcells, it is clear that the Dolphins wondered about trading Ginn for a valuable pick or couple of picks but didn't because of one "strong" outing. 

Now, just one game after they decided not to trade Ginn, they are relegating him to a secondary role in the offense and there is even talk about releasing him, because needless to say, his trade value is non existent from now on.

It just shocks me to finally see that the people in charge of the dolphins, the one's many around here blindly worship, had their eyes covered about Ginn and refused to open them, until it was too late. 

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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