The Chill Pill: (your name here)

Thank god this bye week is almost over.  I thought i was going to have to kill myself.   After mulling that over,  i decided i was looking forward to the Phins Saints game too much to die beforehand.   Anyway,  im gonna make it a short one this week.  Without further ado(spell check please) lets get into my head.

The main thing that i got from the last week of NFL action was a big ass question mark.  After seeing the Jets jump to a quick 3-0,  the dolphins 0-3,  and the Patsies not looking so good,  i thought all of my worst nightmares had been realized:  The Jets are good.  I was actually starting to believe that.   As a matter of fact  i wanted to believe it even more because we beat them.  I was so high off that win, it was rediculous.  If that game was a high,  lets just say that the Bills Jets game was detox. 

So we knock off two division rivals in a row.  The Bills suck, right?  Yes thats right.  Then we beat the Rex's.  Then suddenly the Jets lose to the Bills.   The question begins to loom in my head.  Are we not as good as we thought?  Clearly the Jets are not as good as we thought.   I believe we are good.  We are much better than we get credit for,  but isnt that almost always the case with the Dolphins? 

Despite a losing record,   the dolphins are figuring out how to put points on the board.  Heres an interesting factoid:  There are only two teams in the NFL with losing records who have faired more points than they have allowed.   Those two teams are the Miami Dolphins and the Seattle Seahawks.   That tells me that this team could very well have a 4-1 record instead of 2-3. 

So back to the point.  After 6 weeks of football, things are starting to look a little more familiar.  The Jets suck.  The Bills suck.  The Dolphins are looking good despite a record that does not reflect that.   The Patriots are still the team to beat in the AFC East.   Yes i know some people dont agree with that (Aleta),  but thats just the plain truth.  Yeah we won the division last year,  but the Pats had the same record as us.  And dont foget they consistently make the playoffs.  Not only that, but consistently make playoff runs.  Unfortunately the Dolphins arent doing that,  but when they do,  they will be the team to beat in the AFC East.  

Im not unhappy with the way our division is shaping up,   but im not exactly in love with it.  We are playing catch up again.  At least we are chasing the Pats and not the Jets.  I really believe the NY Rex's will be an afterthought when it comes time to make a playoff push.   We are going to need a little luck, and lot of hard fought games to go the distance this season.  The schedule has softened a little bit,  but we still have a few tough games to play,  and i am really looking forward to them.  This year is the measuring stick.  This season is going to tell us how good of a team we have and i cant wait to see the final result. 

Ok so it wasnt that short,  or good for that matter.  But at least u Phin-heads had something to read for 10 minutes.  You better be happy with it TCP, Sam and DIB!!! 


Ladies and Gentleman, i present you with the Jackass of the week.  Go Colts...i mean Titans, i mean....this guy must really not like his job. 


One last thing i need to mention. I AM GOING  TO 2 PHINS GAMES!!   In all likelyness i will be at the Tampa@Miami game and all the Miami@Carolina game.  I want to find out if any phinsiders are going to these games, and if so would u be interested in tailgating/drinking etc??   I would love to meet up with some fellow dolphin fanatics especially in Carolina!  Let me know!!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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