The Weakness of the Wildcat

I like the Wildcat. But the Wildcat has three main weakness:

  1. Third and Long
  2. The ability to consistently pass
  3. Playing from behind, where the Wildcat grind-it-out methodology plays into the hands of the leading opponent burning valuable clock and shortening the game.

The remedy is to have some kind of shotgun spread with 3 and 4 wide to try to catch up, but it makes you vulnerable to sacks with a rather immobile QB since the pass rush is just pinning the ears back and attacking. It also plays to the weakness of your OL which is run-blocking as opposed to pass-protection.

Solution: The Ricky and Ronnie Double Wing Spread

I would advocate making Patrick Turner active for this multiple wide-receiver set for fresh bodies and I think he could do some great things in it. Combined with the Wildcat packages, it could give a dynamic passing attack complement to the Wildcat.

What it looks like:

DB _ _ _ _ _ _ _ LT LG C RG RT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _GC

_ _ _ _ _ _ _RW _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ RB _ _ _ _TG

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ CH

Ricky and Ronnie on the wings helps our run-blocking line not get beat on the edges and they are both excellent receivers. If desired, you can send all 5 into the pattern to get a mismatch if you make a quick throw. I would also advocate ALOT of shovel-passes to either Ricky or Ronnie up the middle to take advantage of the defense spread out and the superiority of the run-blocking of our line as opposed to pass-blocking, especially on a overload outside blitz call on one side. As far as depth, Harline and Turner would sub on the outsides and DB or GC would be fine in the slot, though Kory Sheets would help stretch the defense from the slot. Hilliard is the sub for either RW or RB, but obviously not as explosive. Kory Sheets would bring some excitement as a shovel-pass recipient into the middle. I would also have Teddy Ginn in motion a lot to find a mismatch on a 4th or 5th corner on one of the sides. I think I have actually seen the Fins dabble with this formation, but they have never used this frequently as a base offense alternative. I would recommend that. Lots of shovel passes to Ronnie and Ricky up the middle. Even if the defense is expecting it, they still have to contend with our superior run blocking and our superior backs. It is a safe throw and almost like a handoff.

Just trying to find ways to maximize the  unique skill sets of our personnel

Anyway, your thoughts are appreciated...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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