History says, BYE BYE Big Tuna!



Ok, so I'm depressed over our 0-3 start, mostly because we could be 3-0. We can compete with anyone and IMO, even with Henne, can be a playoff team.  I'm pissed that we have no legit "playmakers" and I'm pissed things haven't gone our way. What pisses me off most of all are quitters,,,and I'm watching closely.... We still have guys who remember 1-15 and they know what it takes each and every week. When the going gets rough we'll see who packs their bags.

Now,.. we have a lot of young talent and tons of upside..... We also have Bill Parcells... and you would think that would be one of the few resounding bright spots during a difficult season? However,  I have become very leary and very concerned. 

If you want to predict the future, historical models may be your best tools....

Let's take a look at the Big Tuna's unspoken past...

Personal: Goes to Colgate, Phillies recruit him, father says no to pro sports, so he quits Colgate and goes to Witchita. There he plays LB and gets drafted by the Lions but is released before the season.  Quits pro-football and pursues coaching.

College Career: He coached at 8 schools in 14 years... not much loyalty there, averaging less than 2 years at each institute. But, college is ruthless and sometimes the only way to move ahead is to move on, understood. But 8 changes? Indecision at its finest if you ask me.

He had some success at FSU, talent diminishes, and he quits for Vandy. Takes Vandy to Bowl game against Texas Tech, looses, quits and jumps ship to Texas Tech the next year WTF?-  ONly HC job at Air Force goes 3-8, quits and leaves for the NFL. 

 Pro Career:

Giants: 1979 accepts job as D-Coordinator then turns around and resigns. WTF?

Pats: A year later wants back in the league and is offered the LB coach job with the Pats in 1980

Giants: 1981 Is re-offered the Giants job, quits with Pats and accepts...

              1983 after one full year as D-coordinator, succeeds Ray Perkins, who suddenly leaves, as Head Coach

                        * He benches Simms and gets burned for it with a terrible season behind Jay Breuner

              1984-1985  committs to Simms. Giants emerge with good drafts. Simms had a poor year in 1985 and Bill likely lost interest in his development.

               1986 Superbowl! but strangely tried to leave for Atlanta after the season. The League had blocked the move. Interestingly, and despite going 14-2, Simms had another subpar year.  Atlanta had the #2 pick of the draft and a young team.

               1987-1989  Giants continue as contenders, Simms improves.

               1990 Superbowl!  Simms  is injured late in season. Jeff Hostetler closes the deal

* Parcells honored his contract and resigned after the superbowl.  No trust in Hostetler? (Giants collapsed in 1991 and 1992 until Dan Reeves revives them in1993)

BUccs:  1992 Parcells agrees to be Buccs HC, then backs out! WTF? Testaverde was coming into his own.

Pats:      1993: Accepts HC job- inherits rookie Drew Bledose

                1994-1995: Pats steadily improve

                1996: Superbowl Loss! Bledsoe has poor game with 4 picks.

* Parcells argues with Kraft over personel/draft decisions and resigns again. Lost confidence in Bledsoe? (From 1997 to 2000 the Pats get worse and worse until Belichick revives them in 2001)

Jets:      1997: Bill fights out of a contract and quits the Pats.  Jets recruit him and the program rebounds with vet Neil ODonnell

               1998: Bill brings in Testaverde, Jets reach AFC Championship game!

               1999: Jets loose Testaverde and go 8-8

* Parcells retires yet again ! No faith in continuing with Ray Lucas...(Jets get Testaverde back in 2000 and the franchise rides a rollercoaster with Herm Edwards)

 Cowboys:   2003: Jerry Jones lures Bill to Dallas, makes playoffs for 1st time in 4 years under Quincy Carter

                    2004:  Parcells favorite Carter is released for drug use and he recruits Testaverde with no luck

                    2005: Parcells tries with Drew Bledsoe, still no luck

                     2006: Bledsoe is replaced by Romo who lets Bill down in the playoffs.

* Parcells retires again!!! No faith in ROmo. (Romo turns out to be the real deal and Dallas has immediate success)

DOlphins:   2007: Bill chooses Miami over Atlanta to run team operations, Miami goes 1-15

                     2008: Bill gets his man in Pennington and wins the AFC East. Greatest turn-around ever!!!!

                     2009: Pennington is lost for the year.................................


Is it me, or is there a distinct pattern here? All the way back to when he was enrolled at Colgate, it always seems as though when the going gets rough, Bill walks . With each franchise it seems clear that each time he bailed is when his QB situation got shaky. 

Well here we go again.... just don't be shocked if Bill walks on us after the season.

Maybe this analysis is unfair and it appears I'm labeling Bill a quitter, however history doesn't lie.  I don't think Bill is a "quitter" per se, but I do think that if the situation does not benefit him, he'd rather excerise his right to be somewhere else. Fortunately for him, he's always had another opportunity.  He is a great coach and a wonderful evaluator of talent and motivator of young men. He has helped the Dolphins immensly in only 2 years, however we need to be prepared for life after Bill, because it looks like it's coming sooner than later.

Everywhere Bill has been, the teams have faltered once he has departed. You would think that the teams' collapses would be directly related to Bill's departure, however it appears that he quits when his teams show concrete signs of disruption and potential failure. This is even evident through his college career, eventhough he was not the HC; Bill seems to know when to leave. The only notable mistake is when he abandoned Tony Romo and the Boys.

Now we'll see how he really feels about Henne and what he's helped build in South Florida.

Don't overlook the bright spots,,,,two in particular....!!!!!



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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