Breaking Down the Play of the Game

This is a new segment that I hope to do every time the Dolphins win a game.  I will pick what I think was the most crucial play of the game and break it down for all you fine viewers at home.  This is going to be done as in depth as I can and to the best of my ability, but there definitely could be a mistake somewhere, so if you see on feel free to chime in what you think.

What I'm looking for in the PotG:

1.) Great Play Call

2.) Great Execution

3.) A Game Changer in some way


It may not be that flashiest play, but it is what I think is the most crucial.  This Week's Play of the Game is Chad Henne's 3rd and 10 completion to Greg Camarillo in order to make it first and goal in the game winning drive.  More info after the jump.

The Formation


As you can see in the above picture the Dolphins came out in a pretty standard shotgun.  Two backs in the backfield for added protection.  Two receiver's right and one left.  A pre-snap read indicates that the Jets are going to run their favorite blitz, an overload to one side.  Also the position of Kerry Rhodes on the left also indicates that the backside corner may blitz. Either way it is pretty safe to say that the Jets are going to be in either Cover 1 or Cover 0.  The Jet's love this blitz because it brings more people to one side than the Phins can block, thus forcing the Second game starter to make a mistake....or not.  This is where the play calling genius of Dan Henning comes into play.  But first let's look at the routes that each receiver is running along with the actual coverage of the Jets.


The Routes, The Blitz, and The Coverage


Looking at the next diagram you can see, without the blocking, how the play unfolds.  Camarillo runs a deep comeback and he is the intended receiver.  We know this because Henne said after the game that they hadn't really hit the play in practice.  So he had unsuccessfully thrown to Greg in practice, this time we know he connects.  Now to the other receivers.  I love the crossing route of Ginn and Bess, though I would like to see them in reverse.  In a moment when we look at the blocking you'll realize how amazing this route combo is.  Due to the Cover 1 (or 0?) the drags create picks which can open Ginn up underneath if Camarillo isn't open.  This leads us to the coverage.  As the pre-snap indicates it is either Cover 1 or Cover 0.  The main difference between the two is the back Safety.  If he is covering Polite it is Cover 0, if he is not then it is Cover 1.  The film never really shows what he is doing so we don't know for sure.  Anyway,  what is interesting is that the backside corner decides to cover Brown over Ginn and instead Ginn is covered by the Rhodes.  The blitz is also as expected, the overload to one side.  Is Rex Ryan really THAT stupid? Seriously, I was predicting his blitzes all night, and I'm only a Senior in High School.  When you show your linebackers on every play AND THEY COME, that is just retarded.  How about some exotic zone blitzes Rexapotomous?  Back to X's and O's,  let's move to the blocking and put it all together!



This is what makes the play so brilliant.  The blocking scheme, only used once prior in the game up until this point, counters Rex's predicable blitz.  By rolling out and cover a "spot" rather than a "man" it counters Rexapotomouse's blitz allowing Henne plenty of time to throw.


So Why is it Worthy of PotG?

Let's look at the criteria shall we?

1.) Great Play Call:  Check!  The play is able to effectively null Ryan's blitz.  If the fat oaf hadn't been so stupid he would have called a zone blitz or a backside overload so that Henne couldn't roll out.  I just can't see his reasoning behind calling it like that.  Plus the coverage leaves the corners one on one with the receivers making the crossing route and the comeback equally effective.

2.) Great Execution: Check! The play speaks for itself.  Henne rolls out, very little pressure, and a nice snag by Camarillo.  By the way, it was a perfectly thrown ball.  As the booth pointed out, it was low and outside.  If it isn't caught by his intended receiver then there is ZERO % chance that it is picked off.  He already had the field goal, no need to throw it away.

3.) A Game Changer in some Way: How is it NOT a game changer?  It's 3rd and 10.  Almost every Dolphin Fan in the country was saying "Looks like the Jet's have us right where they want us, third and long.  Well Fin Fans, times are changing here in Miami.  We converted the third and long and set up the game winning play.  I was raving over this play and it deserves the title of this week's PLAY OF THE GAME!

Don't agree? Did I miss something?  Friendly argument?   I wanna hear the thoughts from the best fans in the nation!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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