WR Depth - Do We or Don't We Add a Star ???

This seems to be a hot topic of discussion for everyone so I thought I would do a breakdown of this season stats and players and then add my bias opinion about what I think should be done. 

2008 Regular Season Receiveing Stats

Ted Ginn Jr. 56  790  14.1  64  2
Greg Camarillo 55  613  11.1  33 2
Davone Bess 54  554  10.3  37 1
Anthony Fasano 34  454  13.4  24 7
Ronnie Brown 33  254    7.7  39 0
David Martin 31  450  14.5  61 3
Ricky Williams 29  219    7.6  47 1
Patrick Cobbs 19  275  14.5  80 2
Lousaka Polite   6    24    4.0    9 0
Brandon London   3    30  10.0  14 0
Ernest Wilford   3    25    8.3  15 0
Joey Haynos   2    22 11.0  19 1

Overview of the Stats

When looking over these stats a couple of things pop out at you right away.  All starting three WR have over 50 catches and 3 more (2 TE and 1RB) with 30 or more as well.  I think this shows you that Pennington throws the ball to whomever is open and doesn't lock on one receiver ... EVER.  It was said many times that he took what was given to him, and this proves that and that is why he had his BEST season ever as a QB. 

Breaking Down Indivdual Players


Started every game at WR and lead the team in catches and receiving yards. 

Season Highlights

Week 8 - 7rec 175yrds 64yrd long

Week 10 - 4rec 67yrds 39yrd TD catch

Week 11 - 4rec 51yrds - 2rushes 42yrds 40yrd TD run

Week 12 - 5rec 88yrds 46yrd long

Week 16 - 4rec 44yrds - 1 rush 31yrd TD run

Week 17 - 2 rec 71yrds 27yrd TD catch  

64% of his catches went for 1st downs

Both receiving TD's came in the first half when we were either Tied or Behind in the game.

Areas of Concern 

3 rec in the Red Zone

3 weeks with only 1 rec

4 fumbles - 0 Lost

Overview of Play

Ted Ginn Jr. play continued to get better as the season went on.  He played better at home and in the second half of games.  He contributed 4 TD's in total all came when either the game was tied or we were behind.  He had only one game with over 100 yrds receiving though and had 9 games with 4+ catches.  Overall a very good second season but most of us will only remember him not being able to hold onto the ball against Baltimore.  Looking forward he will have the same QB for the first time in his career and have a full offseason to learn the offense even more,  in turn this should improve his speed in games and chemistry with Pennington.  Year 3 is usually a breakout year for WR and I look forward to seeing that next season. 


Started first 11 games until knee injury against the Patriots in Week 12.  Was leading the team in rec and yards at the time. 

Season Highlights

Week 5 - 6rec 68yrds 1 TD rec

Week 7 - 6rec 74yrds

Week 9 - 11rec 111yrds

Week 12 - 6rec 75yrds 1 TD rec

+9 catches in the 4th quarter of games compared to all other quarters

56.4% of catches went for first downs

Had 4+ rec in 9 of the 12 games he played

Areas of Concern

Longest rec only went for 33 yrds

Impact of Injured knee

Overview of Play

Camarillo was playing the best of all WR on the team before he was injured.  He is QB friendly and always seems to find the right spot to be.  He signed a new contract just a week or two before getting hurt.  Overall he is a very consitant WR the only knock on his game would be he doens't scare you,  He has said he would like to be ready to go by Training Camp .. this is his first major injury so we will have to wait and see how he responds from this adversity. 


Was signed to the Dolphins as an undrafted rookie he made the team as the 3rd WR.  He also served as the teams punt returner.  

Season Highlights

Weeks 12 - 17 he lead the team in rec with 35 while filling in for Greg Camarillo

53.7% of his catches went for 1st downs

5 rec for +20yrds

Areas of Concern

Not many mistakes made by the rookie other than the 1 fumble against the Chargers

Overview of Play

Devone came out of nowhere to become our 3rd WR and then filled in nicely when Greg went down with an injury.  His overall play was great and he should show great impovement this offseason working with the same offense and QB.  Also with some extra work in the training room the sky is the limit for Devone. 


When you look at the WR stats nothing really blows you away.  Devone and Greg both seemed to play more of a possesion receiver role when they were starting and Ginn Jr was always the threat that teams had to pay attention to.  Lots of you want to add a Boldin, TJ or possibly adding Harvin in the draft.  If you look at our team and what we are trying to do to win games .. run the ball and play good defense I guess you could say these aren't bad numbers for our WR.  Do they need to be improved? Sure ... but remember the following things .. Pennington didn't come to the team until August and it was a new offense the team was learning.  This shows why the teams passing game started picking up as the season progressed and I think next year it will continue through the whole season.   Please also remember that Pennington isn't Kurt Warner, Peyton Manning or anything like that so why add someone to that area if he doesn't fit the talent of our current team.  If we continue to move forward and letting OUR players progress we should be alright in my mind. 

If you think we should add a star tell me why it would be a good fit for our team and talent ... Does it meet Penningtons strengths and is it worth putting the extra money in this postion over the O-line, Linebackers and Secondary. 


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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