The Defensive - FA and the Draft

The overhaul on our defense may be signifcant or not at all this offseason with the FA's on this side of the ball and the possiblity of picking up new players in the upcoming draft. 

So after looking into the Rzayo24 great post of the Offseason for Dummies and Little Nickys 21 post on "Floaters and Sinkers"  I decided to takie a closer look at the FA's available and the 1st Round Draft Defensive talent available in our spot.  Then before I could finsih writing this post Matty I wrote a great article on FA Buzz.  He brings up a lot of topics I was going over in a much better way haha and I have added on with our possible draft moves.   

So its fair to assume the Trifecta is mulling over ideas to get an improved pass rush with an added talent at OLB, improved depth in secondary, get younger at NT and look for a replacement for Crowder if he isn't retained.  There is always a possiblity they do see a backup we have as a starter and we wont know that well until the draft is finsihed of coarse.


Here is a list of FA players that fit the Parcells "mold" on defense.   For the most part I have tried to stay with the same things they have done in last seasons FA period .. look at people who are young FA's and/or fit their defensive scheme .. and in the draft look for players who pass the Parcells "eye" test.

List of possible FA's that the Trifecta may be targeting:


  • Albert Haynesworth - has been reported he will be testing the FA market, he is an absolute beast but he plays in a 4-3 front but has the size to play 3-4.
  • Tank Johnson - the trifecta will know what he brings to the table from their days in Dallas.  Don't know if this was Jerry's move or not to bring him to Dallas.


  • Ray Lewis - Do I need to say anymore? he is older though which means unless they think we are close to winning the Championship I don't see them putting out a serious offer on the table.
  • Bart Scott - He fits more of the mold of age, size and skill and price range the trifecta like.  Just ask Chad Pennington about him.
  • Mike Peterson - a 4-3 MLB.  Had problems with former Dolphin Linebacker and now Jacksonville coach Jack Del Rio this season which could take him off the Dolphins FA list.
  • James Farrior - plays the ILB very well and would be a great addition to this team.  His age may keep him away as he is entering his 13th season next year.
  • Eric Barton - a very productive player over his career with both the Jets and Raiders.  Downside entering his 11th season next year. 


  • Terrell Suggs -  would be a huge improvement over what we currently have opposite to Joey Porter. 
  • Karlos Dansby - he is very attractive because of his age, size and potential. 
  • Julius Peppers - would have to stand up and play OLB to be part of the Dolphins but he has the talent and skills to do that with ease.


  • Nnamdi Asomugha - everyones dream CB.  If he hits the FA market throw the bank at this guy.
  • Dunta Robinson - a young, talented and skilled CB .. only downside is his injury history .. would be a good fit
  • Jabari Greer - is a young FA and has potential to blossom into a star .. his past two seasons have been his best
  • Phillip Buchanon - in his 7 year career he has had decent production as a starter.  He has limited upside. 


  • Oshiomogho Atogwe - a very talented FS whos age and talent level match those of the Dolphins are looking for
  • Jermaine Phillips - SS in his 7th year in the league.  provides great run support and decent coverage skills. 
  • Dawan Landry - is a young SS with great talent and upside.

Here is a list of Defensive Players who might be there with our first pick in the draft:

  • B.J. Raji NT - big body who could replace Ferguson in time
  • Brandon Spikes ILB - from Flordia .. enough said. 
  • Brian Cushing OLB - Has all the assets this team could use at OLB.
  • Clint Sintim OLB - all the info you need to know provided by GatorPhan
  • Vontae Davis CB - probably wont be availble but you never know .. stranger things have happend
  • Terrence Cody NT - at 6'4 375 lbs that is one big boy  
  • James Laurinaitis ILB - doesn't really seem to fit the body of a Parcells LB but had great production so maybe they will take a look. 

Its most likely that a lot of these FA's either get tagged or resigned by there team before ever hitting the market so this list may shrink quite a bit and it is also a possiblity that a lot of these players will be drafted well before we pick.  Also note we also could go after a OT in the draft as we don't have a lot of depth there and may lose Carey in FA. 

In my opinion I would like us to get younger in the secondary if possible while re-signing as many as our FA's as possible .. a lack of depth in the secondary against teams like the Pats may kill us again next season if not addressed.  I like the thoughts of adding someone like Robinson and/or Atogwe as he seems to have a knack for game changing plays.

The addition of an OLB looks like it might be better in the draft as we have to solid starters in Porter and Roth so you can get a rookie to go in on downs favoring his particular talents and you wouldn't have to pay a huge price in FA.  I think we would all love to see someone like Peppers or Suggs but if we could get Sintim or Cushing we maybe be better off for the future and also allow the rookie learn the game from an All-Pro like Porter.

If Crowder leaves via FA we maybe hard pressed to find a replacement at a younger age if Bart Scott is already taken off the board .. we could draft Spikes but he maybe gone and I just don't see us drafting someone like Laurinaitis as he doesn't have the size the Trifecta likes.  This area has the biggest cloud over it in my mind as it sounds like Crowder won't be returning.  The worse case scenario is we end up with an older vet in the middle .. I'm putting money on Eric Barton if it goes that way.

The NT position is an interesting one because we have a bonafide starter in Ferguson but his age concerns me and everyone else.  You really have to wonder what we have in Solai and wonder if he will even be kept due to both suspensions this season.  Dotson was also on the roster this season and you always heard good reports from practice but who knows what that really means.  There are two possible studs available with our pick in Raji and Cody who could be also learn the tricks of the trade from a crafty vet like Ferguson.  This position may also be addressed later in the draft as it may not be a huge area of concern due to the fact we have a starter already. 

Being in a 3-4 Defense does make a  smaller list of players to look at .. and yes I'm sure there are some that I missed so if you got any for either the draft and/or FA let me know because I'm all researched out.  *Please note Matty I mentioned Andra Davis as a possible FA replacement for Crowder as I was finishing this up*

I'm also sure we could get a solid player and possible starter in the second round in the draft as well ... what group of defensive players would we be looking at? 

On another note we do have a "Franchise Tag" do you see us using it ....


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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