2008 NFL Draft: Day 2 Overflow Thread #2


Fun day so far.  Here's a quick recap of Miami's day 2 picks so far:

#66: Hampton DE Kendall Langford
#110: Utah St. G Shawn Murphy
#176: Toledo RB Jalen Parmele

A little info about Parmele.  He measures in at 5'11, 224 lbs.  He has decent speed for his size, running a 4.47 40.  However, he reportedly plays slower than his timed speed.  But he's a tough, physical inside runner who can pick up those short yards.  Seems like a solid, "Parcells-esque" pick.

I'm running out to do a favor for some people, so I won't be by the computer for the remaining picks.  Much more on all of this weekend's events in the coming days and weeks.  Should be a lot of fun breaking this thing down.

**UPDATE 5:03pm** With the #195 pick, the Dolphins take UCONN guard Donald Thomas.  So that makes 2 second-day guards taken.  Thomas is 6'3, 303.  He's got good quickness for a guard, but seems like a bit of a project.  His technique needs work and some seem to question his strength.

Then, at #204, the Dolphins took their 2nd running back of day 2, selecting Montana RB Lex Hilliard.  Hilliard measures in at 5'11, 230.  He's a pure power back who doesn't have good speed.  He does seem very strong and he is effective in short-yardage situations.  He's a solid blocker as well, so he could become a FB at this level.

**UPDATE 7:06 pm** And to close out Miami's draft, the Dolphins selected Arizona DT Lionel Dotson.  Dotson has a big frame, at 6'3, 296, and according to various draft sites, he has the potential to add on some weight without restricting his performance.  So he could potentially be a project NT.  At the very least, he adds competition along the defensive line.  One report I read, though, does say he's not as strong as you'd like. 

So that closes out the 2008 draft.  We'll have thoughts and reaction for many days/weeks to come, beginning tonight.

Thanks to everyone who joined in our "live" draft threads.  It was a great time!!

Feel free to share your initial thoughts on this draft below...

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