Jerry Jones Q&A: Interesting Answers. html

Ok, highlights. I might be looking to much into this but here we go.

~On moving up to the top of the draft to possibly take McFadden.~

>I don't want to get into a real strategy, as far as going forward here the next few weeks, but I don't see any guy today where we'd make some big trade for the first pick up there. There's absolutely not been one breath of discussion with anybody about going up there to get the one or two or three pick.<

He did say he didn't see a guy today that would make a trade for the #1 pick. Of course he is gonna say that, no team wants to drive up the asking price if they are interested. He said "there has been no dicussion" about trading up. Just like there was no dicussion with Ireland/Sparano etc etc etc.

~On bouncing back in 2008~

>I think we have a chance to put some more "wow" in this offense. That's my No. 1 goal in this off-season.

O really? Gonna put some more "wow in your offense this offseason are you? Just about how are you gonna do that? Randy Moss maybe? I don't see anyone else out there in FA that could put "wow" in your offense. Your gonna put "wow" in your offense picking down there in the late 20s?

~On adding a running back ~

>Without Julius Jones signed, it's obvious we need to look at running back. How we get there might surprise you. It can be, but it's not necessarily, drafting one.

No mention of Barber. Getting "there might suprise us".

Ok what did we get out of all that?

-There has been no discussion on trading up in the draft.
-He wants to put more "WoW" in his offense this offseason.
-He has a need at RB and how we get there might suprise us.

Depsite whats in Matt's front article and what he said at the 1st point of this article<,I think he is very interested in trading up. When asked about trading up he always says "There has been no discussion". He has never come out and said, he is not interested in trading up, nor he hasn't just stopped all the rumours and just say that he isn't gonna trade up.

Note: from PFT: There's an odd dynamic playing out regarding the potential interest of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones in the big-name running back from Jones' alma mater of Arkansas. On Sunday, Adam Schefter of NFL Network confirmed that there were rumors last month that the Cowboys would package multiple draft picks and running back Marion Barber as ammunition to get from the Fins the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, which would then allow Jones to pick McFadden. Schefter suggests that McFadden's stellar performance at the Scouting Combine on Sunday could breathe new life into that possibility. It would be the flip side of the Herschel Walker trade for the Cowboys, who fleeced the Vikings more than 18 years ago for the guy who was supposed to be the missing piece of the puzzle with a Vikings team that was on the fringes of the NFL's elite. But other talk in league circles is that the Cowboys wouldn't move into the top ten for McFadden. And Jones denies that he's plotting a reverse-Herschel. As a source tells us, however, Jones' demeanor at the Combine after McFadden ran the 40 in 4.33 seconds indicates that Jones indeed wants to bring Darren to Big D. Jones, per the source, was "smiling proudly" after McFadden's first effort in the 40, and then got up and left the RCA Dome after McFadden's second try, with a "huge grin" on his face. Stay tuned on this one. Jones could be as driven to get McFadden as then-Saints coach Mike Ditka was to land Ricky Williams in 1999. The danger for Dallas is giving up too much in return. And if Jones wears his heart on his sleeve, the Dolphins might be able to lasso the same kind of package that helped launch the Dallas dynasty of the early 1990s.

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