The Anthropology of Dolphin Fans

  Hey Phinsiders.  Once again, something was triggered and got me thinking about our fans here.  A new edition, who is the Father of one of our regular Phinsider brothers here gets credit for the spark that fires this post.  Fins fan forever and Miami Vice are who I'm talking about. 

  What I'm wondering is, at what time in the History of the Dolphins did you become a fan? This should help us all know who is here and for how long they have had the Dolphins in their lives.  This doesn't mean they love them any more or less. 

  I've divided it into 5 categories, one for each decade that the Dolphins have existed. "Dolphin Elite", "Old Guard", "Seasoned Vet", "Veteran" or "New Recruit"

  Dolphin Elite:(Dolphinspawnazoic Period)  You've been a fan since the mid-60's.  Excited that Miami was getting a team, ready to cut old ties to other teams and 100% ready to support the Aqua and Coral.  Maybe you were just a Danny Thomas fan and the team stuck even after he was bought out.  This time period is from 1965-1969

  Old Guard:(Shulassic Period)   You started being a fan in the Fintastic 70's.  Memories of Hall of Fame greats and Super Bowl wins and a Perfect Season warm your Dolphin-beating heart to this day.  The Golden Age of a Dolphin fan.  This time period is from 1970-1979.

  Seasoned Vet: (PreMarinolithic and Marinolithic Periods)  You started being a fan in the 80's.  Either it was 2 more Super Bowl appearances, or a certain late draft QB out of Pittsburgh that made your Dolphin heart start to beat.  This time period is from 1980-1989.

  Veteran: (Marinolithic Period cont')  You become a fan in the 90's.  Maybe you're a second generation fan, growing up in a Dolphin loving household.   Watching the Great Dan Marino and others light up the scoreboards and record books.  A great time as well for your Dolphin heart to be filled.  This time period is from 1990-1999

 New Recruit:(PostMarinolithic or ModernMiami Period)  You were either 2nd or even 3rd generation Dolphin fan hearing stories of a classy, historical NFL team known as the Miami Dolphins.  Maybe you just like the colors.  Regardless, you're here and see like all fans before you, that great things are on the horizon.  This time period is from 2000-now.

   Here is a simple poll, its pretty easy to figure out.  Just vote where you belong.

  About the Author:  I became a Dolphin fan during Super Bowl VI against the Cowboys.  I picked them because they looked more cool than the Cowboys, and my Dad, who was a Colts fan, said something to the effect that Miami had the Colt's Coach.  One Mr. Shula.  I stayed true and now can proudly say I'm Old Guard.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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