Recommending a comment in a Fanpost

  Hey Phinsiders,  This is your helpful HuskerDolphin here bringing awareness to a nice tool provided by SBNation. 

  I think most of us know that when a fanpost is put up, we have the ability to "rec'd" it.  Which means, that if your fanpost gets 3 rec'd's, your fanpost will be put up on the "recommened fanpost" board.  You, the Phinsiders decide this, and its kind of a badge of honor for those fanposters that receive it.   At least I feel that way.  Its really cool to know that your peers thought so much of your post, that they took the time and are saying  "Hey, check this one out!".

  This leads me here.  There is also a great way to do the same thing inside the fanpost.  There are some great reply's in these fanpost that kind of deserve a "hey check this one out" in their own right. 

  This is how you do it.  You'll see in the thread after a comment, at the bottom will be "Up, Reply, Actions"  "UP" shows you the origin of the post that you are responding too.  "Reply" is pretty self-explanitory, you're replying to the post of whom you clicked "reply". 

  Now, the one that goes unheralded is "Actions".  Here you are given a choice to "Flag" or "Rec".  The "Flag" is to bring attention to the moderators.  Maybe a gripe or complaint.  The "Rec" on the other hand, is to say, like I said before...."hey, check this comment out" to others.  When a person gets 3 of these, the comment goes green with an asterisk.  Telling other Phinsiders,  "Hey, make sure you read this",  just like a rec'd Fanpost.

  I personally think this is a neat tool and should be used more.  No disrespect to the "fanposter" at all, but sometimes there is some awesome insight, comment or addon that just deserves our attention in the responses. 

  Just food for thought and a heads up if you didn't know.   As Always........



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Phinsider's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of The Phinsider writers or editors.

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