Good article by Armando Salgeuro

ST. LOUIS -- The truth about today's Miami Dolphins is they have come light years from that forgettable bunch of a season ago that now haunts only in our nightmares like a black and white NFL Films screening.

We are rid of Cam Cameron's motley bunch, and no matter how ugly Sunday's 16-12 victory over the St. Louis Rams seemed, no matter how empty those close victories over Oakland and Seattle felt, there was no arguing with the logic defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday used when he put this team in perspective.

Said Holliday, ``All this talk of ugly wins I hear is ridiculous. That team across the hall is talking about an ugly loss, and I'd rather be talking about an ugly win than an ugly loss, no doubt about it. So don't talk to me about how ugly our win was.

``We are excited about this win and we will celebrate this win regardless of whether it was ugly or not.''

How can one argue the Dolphins aren't better off winning than losing, regardless of how terrible they look doing it? Winning is an argument-ender.

But the more important issue facing the Dolphins this season's final four weeks is not whether they are improved from 2007, but whether they are good enough to extend their season into the playoffs in 2009.

And that question is open to vigorous debate because based on Sunday's game and the last month of football Miami has played, this team is quite flawed.

The Dolphins are resurgent, revamped and relevant, but none of that puts them in the same orbit with Pittsburgh or Indianapolis or even Baltimore. And they definitely don't belong in the same universe with the New York Giants or Tennessee Titans.


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