Dolphins vs Patriots: Prediction Time!

miami dolphins - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 21.4 349.0 (8th) 249.3 (9th) 99.8 (12th)
Def 20.4 331.9 (14th) 242.3 (21st) 89.6 (9th)

new england patriots - Game Averages

Pts Yrds Pass Rush
Off 21.0 322.9 (10th) 191.3 (12th) 131.6 (8th)
Def 18.8 317.3 (12th) 212.3 (14th) 105.0 (13th)

It's again time to make our predictions.  Above are each team's offensive and defensive rankings.  Below are some picks by experts idiots who feel their opinion matters more than others:

Chris Mortensen - Pats Jay Novacek - Pats
Tom Jackson - Fins Pete Prisco - Pats
Mike Ditka - Fins Harmon Forecast - Fins
Ron Jaworski - Pats Michael Silver - Fins
Peter King - Pats Jason Cole - Fins

The Michael Silver pick, in particular, is interesting to me because I haven't seen one "expert" who has a better record than Silver's 107-53 record.  Of course, Mort has picked the the correct winner in all but one Fins game - so that worries me.  Luckily, no matter what these people say, the game is played on the field.  But the fact that this random sampling is split 50/50 shows that the perception of the Dolphins - outside of South Florida - is beginning to change in a positive way.  That's always nice to see.

As for me, I'm 6-4 with my Fin picks - and no, I haven't picked the Dolphins to win every game.

I think Sunday's game is going to be a nail-biter throughout.  I just don't see either team jumping out to an large lead.  And a few big plays/turnovers here or there will likely determine the outcome of it.

Ronnie Brown said something interesting this week.  He actually wants to have a better game than he did back in week 3.  When asked how, Brown responded, "You never know.  You never know."  That kind of talk has me excited.  But I think Ronnie will have a big day for another reason.  Week 3's game marked the 2nd very good game in a row against NE for Brown.  Last year, before the incident we shall never speak of occurred (yeah, thanks a lot, Cleo), Brown was having himself another good game.  And Brown also acknowledged earlier this week that this game will be the biggest game he's ever played in the pros.  I just have this crazy gut feeling that Ronnie is going to be the reason the Dolphins win this game.

I also think the Dolphins' pass rush is in store for a big game, too.  I think the Pats will worry too much about slowing down Joey Porter, and guys like Vonnie Holliday, Matt Roth, and Kendall Langford will make plays.

When all is said and done, I see a 100+ yard performance from Ronnie and a 3 or 4 sack game for the Fins as they win a tight one, 20-17.

Your predictions below...

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