X-Man's Breakdown: Professionally Revamped

This is hard for the first time so there will be growing pains...


Look at the formation... we have a basic Dolphins offensive formation.

2 Wr's, 1 Te, A Fb, and Rb.

For you madden jocks, this is called a Weak I.

Nothing much to say about the package that is notable, other than that that Louska Polite isnt playing FB, David the terrific Martin is at the position.



Alrighty then...lets take a look at the routes.

We have R-biz (Ronnie Brown) running a play action fake, then hooking up around 5 yards past the LOS.

We have on the outside, both Wr's running whats known as a Corner Go, or fly fade route, for madden (hot route + reciever button + right analog stick up).

Anthony fasano, chips off the DE, then runs an out.

David Martin just runs an out. Chad P...drops back to pass...after the PA fake...and looks to pass


You guys are still following? This is where my lack of graphical skills become apparent.

The corners are playing an interesting coverage. The corner on Camarillo plays a tight press coverage. Mcgee, on Mach 19, quickly drops back.

The D-line is rushing without a stunt. The de, look for a contain, coming around the edge, while the Dt's try to bull rush...(doesnt me).

The Lb's all drop back into a medium zone type of coverage. The only "safety" is shading in a mid-deep zone toward the left.

You may be wondering where is that other dude?...theres only 10 players on the defense...THATS THE THING! there are 11 players on the field, but all that safety does is drop back into deep "mid third" of the field. Upon writing this i realize my mistake on not including him...but oh the still frame on the tv broadcast that safety isnt time ill include him...(only if im front paged)


3secslatercz4_medium  this is where it gets a tad it confusing?

Well lets go left to right...Camarillo...SHUT DOWN....running his go pattern was cut down by the press corner.

After chipping...fasano is well into his out pattern.

The blocks are picked up by the effectively...that satele is just coasting in the middle picking grass...

.Ronnie brown after the PA is about to turn for his curl...martin just made his cut on the out....and "chaddie chadwich" is analyzing ....


Holy guacamole? You still following...well Nice....the blue things are not ants...thats the ball progression...all i had was paint cause i have to reinstall photoshop...but im not you can see...chad made a nice throw on a short lead to ted ginn....

John beck would have led ted ginn to the end zone with an even NICER throw...but thats neither here nor there....

Take a notice on how that LB, comes up to play ronnie brown on that Play action (he is sucked inside)..leaving david martin's out very very wide open.

If camarillo could continue his route...there is a wide open fasano...but in this case Pennington knew who he was throwing too...because not only was there that terrific ted ginn speed but there was also no deep help for the corner.

that "ghost" safety is played mid deep third and would not have time to help...(ball travels faster than the person)

So what do you guys think? dont ask ted ginn...cause he'll make a face like this...


Lol, I felt compelled to throw that in there

Thoughts? suggestions? weekly thing? front page?

So overall this was an anticipated throw that the coaches had selected well before seeing the coverage or before the game started. They wanted to start the game off with a BANG! and this is how they pulled it off.



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